Why does a sea battle forbids the coastal bombardment in 1942.1, 1942.2, 1940?

  • 2017 '16

    Does anyone knows why the more expensive units (i.e. cruiser 12$ and battleship 20$) are not able to bombard a only one shot on the coast once they win a sea battle offshore?

    For me, it seems many times you cannot use their only special capability.
    For all other cheaper units their is no such thing.

    In what way does this rule is necessary to keep the balance?

    In game terms, since a turn is three months long why a cruiser or a BB cannot fight the enemy ships, then help the amphibious assault since you cannot make any debarkment if you are not able to destroy the enemy naval unit?

    I’m pretty sure that, during WWII, many cruisers and battleships were able to destroy others defending surface vessels and, some hours later, support with their heavy guns the marines launching an assault on a beach.

    If both battles have been simultaneous (like Leyte Gulf Battle) that would be OK, but, in the game, if you loose or retreat no transport can unload their troops.

    Anyway, I wish to suggest a different rule to simulate that cruiser and BB can do many things during a three month turn. Or can make a more intensive bombardment if their is no other assignment.

    1- Always allow one coastal bombardment per surviving cruiser or battleship after a naval battle and before the amphibious assault (limited by the number of ground unit coming out of transports). If the BB was damaged during the previous battle, halfed the attack: 1@2 instead of 1@4.
    Or we can logically say that a damaged BB have to repair and is unable to support a debarkment. This would make sens.

    2- When their is no naval battle, allows 2 rolls of dice per cruiser and BB present (limited by the number of ground unit coming out of transports) but take only the better result for each one (like LHTR for heavy bomber) .

    Example: 3 inf are part of an amphibious combat, so 3 cruisers (A, B, C) out of 4 (D) cruisers offshore can roll dices @3:
    A 1,2 / B 3,3 / C 4,5,/ D not allowed
    thus making 2 hits even though four dices make 3 and under.

    In this way, the expensive units can always be use at their full potential.

    Option B: we can instead halfed the attack value of cruiser and BB that made naval battle before a debarkment: cruiser get 1@1/ BB get 1@2.
    And a damaged BB have to be repaired and is unable to support a debarkment.

    What do you think? Do you have some answers for my previous questions?

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