A&AP Not To Popular At This Forum?

  • I was just wondering why it seems that A&AP is not as popular on this forum as A&A World or Europe? I have been rolling World since the early eighties and been fighting back and forth over Europe and the Pacific since their game board releases’ and I just gotta’ ask why there is not more and more current posts about Pacific on this forum?

    My game group enjoys World to the max. but it seems that it always boils down to a race to Russia and/or Germany. Europe is pretty much the same thing, a race to Moscow before the Brits. and Americans can throw there combimed weight against the Fatherland. We do mix it up with different tatics and such but it still seems like it comes down to the same rat race.

    Pacific is a great game if you like big engagements with high dollar units. There is nothing like a Battlewagon vs. battlewagon slugfest! Also the Japanese player has alot of verying options to try and fight out, it’s never quite the same game twice!

    Don’t get me wrong, I/we do enjoy World, it is a little basic though, and Europe is fine if you like refighting big tank battles like Kursk again and again, but nothing beats huge high dollar fleets chasing each other around the wide expanses the the deep blue.

    Just wondering…, thanks for your time…,

  • Well, in my case, I’ve just never played it. (in case you’re wondering, I do check up on most of the forums if I have time.) My friend bought it and played it, but he said that he and the other people he played with didn’t like it because it was more complicated than the other two. Also, it only has three people, and we like to game with as many as possible.

  • Actually, Pacific is the scenario game that I first plan to get.  At first I wanted to get Europe, because in that I can play as any force with only some bias towards Germany….but in the Pacific, I was way biased for the US.  Every gamer I’ve talked to tells me how much more interesting the Pacific game is though, and how it really can be open ended.  Pacific is the one I’m going with.

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    sounds like a good choice… I assume from how your talking that you have already played and pretty much have the basics of AaA down (scratching D-Day off your list)… And since you prolly are like me (limited amount of players) Pacific is the way to go compared ot Europe (1 less player possible)


  • Honestly, I don’t know why there’s not more discussion of A&AP. I’m very fond of it myself, more so than Revised anyway, and it should still be ripe for debate. There are tons of strategies possible, and it’s just as balanced as any of the others (I’d say it’s the most balanced, though only if you play with the edited rules that I do. I highly recommend everyone check those out, they improve the game enormously, and are very simple).

    Well, what say we start some discussion then? :P

  • Hi

    What are these edited rules you are talking about, and where can they be found?
    Are theese official erreta or is it just some houserulings?
    I find the game pretty balanced as it is, but i have only played about 10 games, with somewhat equally victories to each side.

    I find that Pacific is a great edition, it offers all the naval action that the other editions lack. This also makes looses more crucial, as battle on ocean is much more expensive than typical land battle…


  • These are the changes Moderatr Sinister recommended to make the game more balanced. They work excellently, and I highly recommend their use:

    The only rule changes:

    1. US makes 25 IPC for the mainland US, not 55 IPC.

    2. The US can Lend Lease 12 IPCs a turn to either India or Australia.

    3. Victory Islands and Cities are played for rather than Victory Points.

    4. When picking victory cities, Japan picks 2 of its VCs, the allies pick one, 
        then japan picks an allied VC, and the Allies pick a Japan VC, then it
        alternates again until there’s 12 VC on the Board (The capitols are always

    Combination of the following:

    Victory Cities: Perth, Sydney, Pearl Harbor, Singapore, Manilla, Bangkok, Hong Kong.

    Victory Islands: Saipan, Okinawa, Solomons, Iwo Jima, Carolines, Marshall, Wake, Papua, Mariana.

    Always: Calcutta, Melbourne, Tokyo, Los Angles.

  • Wow…

    I wouldn’t say that it balances the game, i would rather say it sound like making a whole new (and balanced) game.
    As it sounds it spoils the game as a race of time, but replaces it with a more tactical game. If you are playing for vc you will need to minimize your losses in order to hold on to what is yours, in difference to the normal game where you rush ahead to stop the Japanese march of death.
    But It sounds like a fun game, I’ll definitely give it a try next time I play.

    Just two questions
    1. How many victory cities would you recommend as a victory?
    2. Do you check for victory at the end of the US turn?


  • I think you’d generally play for 6 VCs, but it’s been a while, so I’d have to set it up again to figure it out :-P.

    And yeah, you check for victory at the end of the US turn.

  • Well personally my favorite theatre in history was Europe, i think its very interesting (dont get me wrong i think Pacific was really interesting as well but its just personal interest i suppose) so i tend to enjoy Europe more. Plus there are a couple of reasons i think Europe is a better game, it has one more player, it has the african oil money, it has Soviet Patriotic War (the Soviets are so cool) and it has the convoys.
        However, I suppose it just boils down to personal prefernce because Japan is an equally complicated game.
        I think the most evident reason why some people dont like Pacific is because in reality it is a two person game (yes i realize you have the OPTION of playing three people) it just seems like more of a duel to the death, not a three way match.

  • I don’t like sea battles that much, so I’m quite biased towards A&A:Europe. But I’ve enjoyed my few Pacific games.

    Personally, I’d like to see a fully airborne A&A for the Battle of Britain, or a completely tank- oriented for Kursk.

    Oh, and the always desired “A&A: Stalingrad”. ;)

  • Hi bumatank : )

    Pacific is the best!

    I suggest U to turn u’r questin to the other sections of this form,

    asking those that chat on A&A Europe, World and D-Day, why don’t they join us.

    Best wishes


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