History of the World

  • I was just at Hasbro’s website trying to find out if they were coming out with an expansion of Lord of the Rings Risk and I happened upon a game call “History of the World”, where you lead one of 7 empires (Vikings, Mongols, etc.). It sounded like a cross between Risk and Civilization and might be good. Just wanted to see what everyone’s opinion is on this game.

  • Board game or computer? Sounds like Age of Empires to me.

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    It’s a board game but I haven’t played it either

  • Do you have a link for it?

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    this is the Main Website for it on AH…


  • Looks very cool-kind of confusing, though.

  • Actually, it is a fun game, beer and bretzel type.
    You have several (i think 7) eras, and at the start of each era, each players draws a civilization and a “bonus card” (which can be an extra, small civ, better fighting abilities, more units). You then have a certain amount of "IPC"s for each civ, a fixed order of play for each era (depending on the civs)… you use your ipcs mainly to conquer new land (converting them into troops) or to fortify your lands.
    You score by having lands, which score differently in each era, by having cities (you start with a capital, once you conquer an enemy capital it becomes a city, once you conquer a city, that is removed), and by owning monuments (conquered or built).
    Once a civ has been played, it never gets back again (to move that is, though it will certainly be the target of following civs).

    It was quite fun to see the mongols conquer the pyramids in egypt. Less fun is that everyone who is in the “roman” era, but before them, seems to focues on massively digging in, so i have never seen the romans conquer anything close to what they really had.

  • Does it take less time than A&A to play?

  • this is a great game to introduce people to board games with.  my wife loves this game and it is the only one she will play.  it is shorter than a&a but still not “quick”, figure one hour per player, more if they are new to the concept.  i have the original version with the die-cut cardboard and will probably be picking up the revised version soon.  i highly recommend this game, simple (relatively) rules and a lot of variety in replay. picking and giving the empire cards is the most fun in my opinion, the expression on your opponents face when they realize they just got the inca and aztec shaft is priceless!

  • I have the game, my wife picked it up last year at a yard sale for 50 cents - still shrink wrapped  :-D.  Only played it once, it does seem to take more than an hour per person.  We didn’t finish the game because we ran out of time (had several people) and we didn’t understand the game.  I will give it a try another time, but I’ll want to read the instructions beforehand, rather than during game play  :? :lol:

  • this is a great game !!
    the hardest part is letting go of last turns’ empire (unless they were the Khmers)

    the battle system is so simplethat you can devote your expanation time to the turn/card sequence and the event cards that is where i think the game hinges

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