• Hi guys, i have made some print stuff to new players in A&A 1942(2nd). There are some print help, one mini book ready to print in 2 sides and staple it. And more advanced mini table of units. It?s a good help for play with rookie people. In the mini book are some help that general instructions are not very clear to understand it, and i found solutions in this forum. I have made it in Spanish, i think that is very complex to me explain it in english, but, if somebody can translate good to another languaje he can send me the translate and i will add it with new languaje.

    (as add links? i can not add links! 😛 help please, are only 2 PDF housed in rapidshare, Thanks!!)

    i hope can be usefull to semebody.
    best regards.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Welcome M2K!

    Make a few more posts around the site, and you can post links to your .pdfs!

    They sound great. 🙂

  • i will do it, thank you. 😉

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