• Okay guys, I just got done doing a solo test play of the first turn (using Flashmans map). It took me about an hour to setup and then an hour to do turn 1.

    Turn summary with time spent on each nTion

    Austria-Hungary- 15 mins

    I attacked Serbia from Treiste, but failed to conquor it. I also attacked Romania with troops from Budapest. I was able to capture Romania. Navy stayed in port. Moved Vienna units to Tyroli to prepare for a next turn Italian invasion. I also moved Bohemian troops into Galacia to bolster the defence against Russia.

    Purchased units- 4 artillery and 1 fighter

    Russia- 3 mins

    I didn’t make any attacks with Russia, I moved all my troops up to the front lines against Germany and Austria. I also moved Tartaritan units into Sevastopol. I am thinking of invading Mesopotamia from Sevastopol.

    Purchased Units- 7 Inf and 1 art

    Germany- 15 mins

    I sent units from Keil to attack Holland (chose to use British units to muster). This attack failed and it is still contested). I attacked Belgium and was able to capture it. I sent my ships from SZ 10 and my subs from SZ 5 to battle British fleet in SZ 9. I was able to wipe out the British fleet with only 1 sub lost. I also used my 2 subs from SZ 7 to sink the cruiser and transport in SZ 2. Moved most of my units up to reinforce Eastern Front, but sent some against France. I also send 2 art into Tyrolia to help Austria in attacking Italy.
    Purchased units- 8 inf and 1 cruiser

    France-12 mins

    Sent units to try and retake Belgium, the territory is still being contested after turn 1. I also sent up all my units to bolster the lines against Germany. I picked up inf in Algeria and Tunisia with my fleet in SZ 16. I then dropped off my units into Portugal to gain the 3 inf and 1 art boost. I then combined my Atlantic and Med fleets to protect against Sub attack.
    Purchased units- 7 inf and 1 fighter

    British Empire- 9 mins

    Loaded up 1 inf and 1 art into Indian transport. I then unloaded the art into Arabia and the inf into Trans-Jordan. I also sent my army from Egypt to join the battle in Trans-Jordan. The battle in Jordan resulted in a contest. Since I lost my entire Atlantic fleet I chose to send all my units to London (protect against invasion). I sent my cruiser and transport from SZ 19 into SZ 27.
    Purchased units- 1 fighter and 2 artillery placed in Bombay. 4 inf placed in London

    Ottoman Empire- 6 mins

    I reinforced the battle for Trans-Jordan with units from Smyrna. I sent all my troops in Constan up into Bulgaria. Sent units from Ankara and Syrian Desert into Mesopotamia to defend against growing Russian threat. I also did a risk by attacking the 2 Russian Cruisers in SZ 21 with my 2 Cruisers in SZ 20. I had a stroke of bad luck and both got sunk by 2 rolls of a 1 for mines. I wouldn�t advise doing this move.
    Purchased units- 2 art., and 6 inf


    • 4 mins
      There isn�t much to do with Italy in turn 1. I sent units from Piedmont and Tuscany into Venice. I also sent units from Rome into Tuscany and the unit in Naples to Rome. I picked up the army in Libya and unloaded them in Albania (to get the 3 inf 1 art boost).
      Purchased units- 2 inf, and 1 fighter

    USA- 1 min
    Purchased 2 transports, and a fighter.

    Well the first turn was very fun and I am excited to play the game. Not much action with a few of the powers (as they are only moving their armies up to the front lines).


    Hardest power to play- Russia
    Why? You are getting attacked from 3 sides. It will be hard to know if you should focus all on the Western border or if you should send some units to help against Ottomans.

    Easiest power- USA.
    You just get to sit over there and get free money and troops until turn 4. Seems like there will be very few tough decisions to make with USA once they enter the war.

    Most useless part of the map-

    AFRICA. It is huge and there are hardly any units down there. Plus there is no way to resupply African TT with units so I believe all but Northern Africa is a waste. The first turn was very boring, and I chose not to even discuss it in my review. Really needs some sort of house rule to make African TT more involved and more important to the war effort.

    I hope you enjoyed my review of turn 1 and I want to hear feedback about any moves I made that you didn�t expect or otherwise didn�t know could happen.

    Can’t really play beyond turn 1, due to not having IPC values for most of the TT.

  • How easy was sinking the British home fleet? Do you consider a large part of it luck or do you think it’s going to a move that become pretty standard? also what’s your reasoning for bringing the Mediteranian fleet all the way back home? Wouldn’t it just make more sense to focus on the Ottoman Empire for a turn or two since you can’t really do anything on the western front?

  • I think the Africa on Flash’s map is a bit bigger than the real thing. At least we have room to roll dice  😞

  • It was pretty easy sinking the British fleet, but I also got by all 5 rolls for the mines. I think it is a good risk to take. If you are successful you own the North Atlantic and north sea. Might be pretty standard.

    I wanted the troops from allied Portugal. You get 2 IPC, and 3 inf, 1 art. Even with that move, you can still send the 2 French transports fully loaded back towards the Balkans.

  • Do you feel the French fleet is enough to stop the Germans from completely owning everything?

  • Since I destroyed the English navy and also bought an additional cruiser with Germany. I don’t think the French navy could beat the German navy. In a game where the Germans don’t attack The British fleet on t1, I believe the French navy will be valuable in keeping the shipping lanes defended for a British landing into europe

  • Oh didn’t notice you bought an Extra cruiser…yeah you’re golden  😄

  • Why is it that every A&A game the Germans can easily smash the British Navy. I mean come on…The Germans never even came close to defeating the Royal Navy in either war. They were totally outnumber plus the sizable French Fleet to back them up. I’m not saying the Germans should have no chance just that shouldn’t be able to just sink their fleet on turn 1 with ease.

    Your report sounds very fun!

  • Customizer

    What are the 2 German artillery doing in Tyrol?

    They cannot attack with the Austrians, and I’m not certain they are even allowed to attack themselves without a German infantry.

  • I sent the artillery there for defense against Italian attack. And I don’t know why the British fleet is always so vulnerable. I think it is because germany always gets a turn before UK can buy more ships. I don’t think Germany can keep the British navy at bay for long. They don’t have the luxury of sinking large IPC,s into the navy as UK does.

  • Customizer

    Sorry, when I read you sent them to help Austria attack Italy, I didn’t know you meant defend.

  • These are pics from my test play.
    I will upload them once I get home tonight.

    I have pics before setup
    Pics after set up
    and pics after the first turn.

    Hope you all enjoy.

    Don’t mine my unit colors and the colors on my map. Ran out of red halfway through the print.
    These are all on card stock.

  • Customizer

    Nice; but I’ve had to make a few changes since that map. Still, should give you a good idea of how the game plays.

    The “all German navy attacks SZ9 G1” move may become as standard as the old “Pearl 2”.

  • Yeah, I remember at first thinking the German navy was to small, but after realizing that they also get 4 subs and that there is no way to stop their sneak attacks with no Destroyers, the German attack on Britian should become pretty standard. I mean yeah, the French navy is looking very strong with 2 Dreadnoughts and cruisers, but that means they can’t be fighting the Austrian navy either.

  • Yeah I know your map was updated, but that PDF version was easiest to print

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