Custom Map Collection and File Storage question

  • Greets all -

    We’re compiling a list of custom maps and other fun stuff that we plan to use and are looking to the forum to fill any gaps or suggest better maps that others have found.

    Our List:
    AA50 non editable final
    AA50HE Phase 1….some long name
    AA42 supreme final with neutrals
    Europe1940 Basic Print Final
    Pacific1940 40 by 45 last Final

    Any others out there you all use or like better? We’d love to hear about them.

    ALSO - is there currently any place on A& that is or could be used for file storage. PDFs, etc of maps, rule sets, and what not. It’s rather rough to comb through the forums to dig up links to things. Not a huge fan but I do like their section that is used for attachments/file storage for each game. I realize this site is in a very different format but perhaps something could be done along those lines. With all the custom work people are putting into games I think it would be a very nice add-on to the site… and if one exists and I’m horribly blind kindly let me know and flame away.  😄



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    Agreed, we need a place here to store files for easy access.

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    The file service named Mediafire, already has this. There is not need to run up costs on this site to allow downloads. Why not use that free service?

    Plus we already got IL’s map thread with most of these map files. If that is not true, post all the files there that are missing.

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