French W. Africa IC?

  • Can you build a minor IC in French West Africa or is that an illegal move?

  • its worth only 1 ipc, new factories can only be placed on terr. with ipc value of 2 or more.

  • Thanks. So what should I do with the French after Mainland France falls?

  • TripleA '12

    Try and stay alive.

  • 2016


    Try and stay alive.

    I suppose.
    To me, French infantry are the most expendable.
    Their only main function is to reinforce two areas of Africa. Perhaps if the French Fighter flew down, some offensive options with those infantry or with the Destroyer will open up, but I don’t recall any situation where the fighter wasn’t already dead or more useful in England.

    Of course, the few times where Germany left Normandy open, I’d use the French infantry and artillery there to attack. Either attempt to retake Southern France or attack Holland. Usually I attack Holland, especially if there are only planes there. Send the fighter there too if it doesn’t seem likely that Germany would get 3 hits.

  • I’ve used the French DD in the Red sea to hit unsuspecting Italian Transports (sometimes the three movement tricks people).

    I like to send the French Fighter to Africa if Sealion looks unlikely.  Sometimes it can harass Italian Transports or push in North Africa (or Mid East) with French Infantry.

  • 2016

    I remember one situation where the British fighters attacked German ships. It ended up with both sides destroying each other, but the German player was just glad that his transports survived… until the French fighter launched off and ruined his day. Hehe.

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