A Stalemate in Europe.

  • Italy is on its last legs in North Africa but with a substantial force in Torbuk. Germany did not Sealion and kept most of the UK Navy intact, which cost it it’s Naval power. On the other hand it focused all its forces on the eastern front with a Barbrossa (Germany took France and Normandy with Italy taking southern France). In Response Russia fell back all it’s units to moscow and purchased nothing but inf and a few AAA. with 44 inf, 6AAAs, 2ftrs, 1 tactical bomber and a few mechs, tanks and artys. America has 4 transports with mechs, inf and artys so a total of 8 plus two Uk transports with inf on each.

    There are only 3 german inf, one Arty and one AAA in Normandy. All the loaded transports are in SZ 109. 2 battle ships and 2 cruisers are on sz110 and can provide amphibus bombardment. Germany only has 6 inf in France and a few planes in Holland/Belgium.

    Its Germany’s turn on the 5th round so he could refocus his efforts west to get ready for the invasion but despite his large force in the east, he needs every unit to take on Moscow that he could get. Germany also plans (I know b/c the play told me, haha). That he will starve Russia of IPCs by not attacking and using mechs to claim territory until I can only produce 1 inf of each turn.

    Should I open the second front in normandy this round or does it depend on G5’s purchases?

    I think I should anyway because I can land 3 fighters to defend normandy and use the minor IC to pump out units next turn if I can hold it. roughly 12 ground units, 3 ftrs and sea bombardment, i think i have the odds. Also once Italy is out of North Africa should I build a minor IC in Egypt and open a 3rd front in the south to threaten Italy? Can Russia be saved in time?


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    What is in Norway?  If you are certain that you can land in Normandy and hold it (or ever better, if you suspect that the German player won’t attack), it might be wise to make your landing there.  Then, on the next turn, pull out of Normandy and send everything into Norway.  On the next German turn the player will likely start making a lot of buys in the west that will help Russia and leave them in a poorer position to stop an Allied stack from building up in Noway.

  • I never thought to go to Norway! There are no troops at all in Norway but all my transports are in SZ109, It would be by UK 6 that they would make it to SZ112 and Germany only has 1 inf in Kraliea but a big stack in Volvgrod. Could this just be a diversionary tatic? And should I build a Naval base in Iceland to help with the shucking? Should I bother with Normandy at all now? Or should I just wait until G5’s buys and combat is finished to determine what I will buy for UK and US? RU will have to survive round 5 and 6 and I don’t know man, everyone gets bad dice…  😐

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    Could this just be a diversionary tatic?

    If the German layout will guarantee that you can hold Norway for at least 2 turns, you might be well advised to make that your main play with the shuck through Iceland.  It will take 3 turns for any German troops built in Leningrad to be able to walk over to Norway, by that time, you will be in Finland or Karelia.  If you can hold Norway & Finland together then that is space for 2 minor ICs giving you +6 units a turn in the area beyond what you can shuck over.  Be very careful that Germany doesn’t gather up all its air and try to wipe out your fleet, or you’ll be back at square 1.

  • My recommendation is to hit him hard in Normandy and see about landing only a couple infantry in Norway.  Taking Norway loses him those IPCs plus the Scandinavian trade bonus, which will hurt his economy by at least a Panzer purchase per turn, and he can’t afford to split his attention so many ways.  Just like he is trying with Russia, give him a death by a thousand little cuts.  If you can convoy raid him (if you are playing with raids, that is), then you can knock him down even more.  Of course, I may just be a bit overaggressive– I can’t see what all you can, but anything to stop the Scandinavian bonus is a good thing for beleaguered Russia.

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