Unrestricted Submarine Warfare

  • @Barindo:

    I have tried to initiate USW but the French and British navy hunt down the subs before the British 1st collect income phase.  I agree that bring US in early is not a bad thing.  G40 US gets bonus income when it comes in, 1914 it doesn’t.
    I’ve tried several times. but if the French don’t get the subs, the Brits will.
    My new G1 naval is consolidate the fleet in SZ 4 and try to draw the Brits out from their mines.

    this might work, and if the allies do not hit it and coupled with a naval purchase every round  and try to keep stern control over seazone 4, you can then go for the USW seazones and harras the allies from there  and if they try to stop the naval reinforcements they have to content with mines and you can smack the allied fleet in home waters sounds not that bad actually

  • Treating USW as a strategic bombing attack? Simply rolling 1d6 per sub? That’s a pretty good idea, actually. I’d allow it over much of the north atlantic. The only limit to damage is that British always gets the IPC’s from the british isles, and the US always gets at least 10? IPC’s. And you couldn’t do it in a sea zone with hostile surface warships. It probably should be that way in Europe 1940 as well.

    Also, perhaps the US enters the war after losing 15 IPC’s? And only cruisers can attack subs.

    And yah, the ‘old’ Europe had the best treatment of convoys.

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