Help, ne stock info of Axis & Allies

  • I purchased the whole axis & allies by auction.
    I dont know the game, i know Shogun. That’s like the same as Axis & Allies.
    Now i received the package by post.
    Now i check all units, money,dice, chips and so on.

    Does anybody has a complete list of the stock info ?

    thx a alot

    Greetings Roger


    Plus … look on the back of the box – states it right there.

    There will also be more than 299 plastic pieces (probably about 5 or so more – varies).

  • Ok this help me to count the plastic units.

    I have 309 pieces, 2 infantry of each forces i have more than usal.

    What’s about the money ?
    I have:
    31 x ONE
    36 x FIVE
    37 x TEN
    How many i should have ?

    Then i have
    58 white plastic chips and
    6 red plastic chips

    I have 20 control markers of each force.

    2 National Production cards
    5 Reference Chart (1 for each force)

    It’s that a complete game ?

  • 2007 AAR League

    If anything you have more of the Axis and Allies pieces and chips than I do 😄 .

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