• Who here does Strategic Bombing Raids?  Myself I cannot risk losing my bomber on such things-  With my luck my opponent will roll a ‘1’.

    I actually think Germany (against russia or built IC in Cairo) does more in the game than the Allies (especially the brits… who can afford to lose his only bomber?), which seem backward to me.

  • '16

    I use Germany’s bombers to bomb Britain’s IC.
    And Italy’s to bomb an Egyptian IC if it seems that I can’t capture it soon.
    Japanese bombers on the Indian IC.

    That’s about it. I don’t ever recall using a British bomber or an American bomber to engage in strategic bombing.

  • Using SBR’s against Moscow when you’ve closed in on Russia can be devastating. As Japan, once UK Pacific is making somewhere around 7 IPCs a turn, SBRs will cripple any ability to produce even a single unit. Same thing against Italy.

    Using Italian bombers to hit UK’s airbase the turn before Sealion prevents UK from scrambling.

    American bombers from London hitting Western Germany can really help if you’re preparing an invasion force.

  • TripleA

    Japan can bomb Russia for Germany. I done that.

  • '19 '17 '16 '15 '13

    I use US bombers to SBR France…then Germany has to pay to repair it if they want to place any units there to counter an impending invasion.

  • Customizer

    Sometimes we will use British bomber(s) to hit Northern Italy IC.
    US bombers based in London often will hit Normandy, S France and France ICs. Sometimes will hit W Germany if German player doesn’t have too many fighters to intercept. Also will hit Germany if Allies control Norway or Novgorod for bombers to land.
    If US Navy is doing well in the Pacific, US usually takes Iwo Jima and lands bombers there to pound Japan’s facilities. Often escorted by Carrier planes.

    Strangely enough, don’t usually do a lot of SBRs with Axis bombers.

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