Which power are you most excited to play?

  • Hey guys, I was just wandering which power you guys are dying to play as. Do you want to go on the offense as the Central Powers, or defend your lands as the allies?

    I’m personally looking forward to playing as the Ottoman empire. They are positioned in a new area for AA. I will love to discover all the strategies, and am ready to put my Turks up against the British Commonwealth troops.

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    Central Powers - Austria-Hungary

    Allies - Britain

    Originally I was excited to play as Turkey… but it doesn’t seem like they can do much.

  • I’m really looking forward to the strategic challenge of Austria-Hungary, and Germany is always fun. Russia could be interesting to play, trying to ward off the Central Powers and the Russian Revolution, although you’d have to play as America as well, which doesn’t excite me. I thought including America was a bad move by the developers.
    France has the usual strategy in Europe, although their African theater looks like fun. I’ve never really liked playing as Britain much; I guess it’s just because they’re so spread out and don’t really have a true center of power. Italy only really seems to have one strategy. I had high hopes for Ottoman Turkey, but it looks like they’re going to be a fringe power at best.

  • I’m actually kind of excited about playing France.  It’ll be a nice change of pace, not being conquered by Nazis and all.  😃

  • Turks, Austria, and France

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    I am torn between my two loves: Italy and Germany(Prussia).
    In WW2 games I am fine obviously, but what to do in this WW1 game!
    I will be hurting win or lose.

  • I am really excited to play France because for once they actually have a chance and won’t die right away. The Turks should to be fun to play too, being a brand new power and new location.

  • Central Power is obviously Austria-Hungary, their central location and task of holding the southern front for the Germans will make a very interesting game indeed.

    As far as allies I’m torn but I want to say Russia, just because I’m a fan of Russia in ww1. France is my favorite power IRL but in the game it looks like their strategy will be reasonably straight forward. Alternatively I’ve always enjoyed playing Britian in A&A games just because their such a global power with the ability to hit and be hit anywhere.

  • Anyone in the South. Italy, Austria, Ottomen, and Britain. The theatre to end all theaters!

  • France also is the most intriguing Allied power to me - They’re actually still a quite powerful force in Europe and actually the narrow focus they have is appealing in a way to me. Basically France (in Europe) has to 1) hold the Western Front until a) The US arrives later to help push back or b) Germany breaks down from fighting a two-front war and France and the UK can push into Germany on their own. Then 2) Help make sure Italy doesn’t lose all of its Northern territories to Austria in turns 2-3. I know it might seem strange to get excited about a power that has mostly a containment role for a while, but maybe it’s just the thrill of trying to stop a potentially unstoppable force that is the Central Powers, before they take all of Western Europe.

    Ottoman Empire again for the CP - a new power and basically one/two(if they can get into Africa) theaters of war where they are the sole power who is concentrating ALL of their forces there (Russia, UK, France, even Germany and Italy will obviously all have much more at stake in Europe).

  • Austria-Hungary-The House of Habsburg shall rise again 😄

  • Every Power is exciting to me… Maybe most are OE, AH and IT

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    As a general rule, I suspect the earlier a power is in the turn order the more interesting it’ll be to play, simply because after the first few players have had their turn the rest are largely reacting to what other’s have done, rather than having the freedom to explore their own strategies.

    By the time we get to Italy, its a question of how it reacts to Austria’s move, rather than where it would like to attack itself.

  • Austria Hungary, because they get to kick off the war (set the tone) and can let big brother germany deal with the real allies while it throws rocks at the balkans and russia.

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    As the allies, i will play as France.

    I shall restore france from the endless butt hurtings of the 1940 edition to greater glory.  🙂

    As for the central powers, ill go with ottomans. New nation with an interesting position and many strategies to try out. Can’t wait till i get my hands on this game. Going to be nice trying out this setting.

  • I’m most exited about Austria Hungary and the Ottomans. Two new powers with new strategies. But I’m actually pretty exited about the US. Does it go all out on the Western front or send a few transports into the Med? Between the two sides, I’m most exited about the central powers.

  • Or does the US send troops to russia via a convoy

  • Or do they simply build giant stacks of their glorious looking infantry to stare at while everyone else complains they haven’t even bought a transports  😄 (hint: that will be me)

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    Which is basically my suggestion for the US: it can build nothing and collects no money until it goes to war, then it gets a draft of 20 infantry.

  • It’s a tie between Austria-Hungary and Ottoman.  A-H because I have always been facinated with the empire itself and Ottoman because of the challenge.

    Everyone seems to agree that Ottoman Empire won’t be able to do much… I wonder.  From looking at the map and the initial lay outs it looks like it may be able to make a good push towards Sevastopol as well as push into Africa.  If Russia pushes back they weaken their “western” front and I do not see Italy being much of a threat.

    That said… Preordered today… Yay!!!

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    I’m going to turn this into a poll.

  • WEll now that I have to actually choose I picked Russia, just because they’re cool lol

  • Poor Italy gets no love.

    Viva la France!!  😃

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    Lets play what if and let the US enter early…I’m all abouf that!

  • @toblerone77:

    Lets play what if and let the US enter early…I’m all abouf that!

    Then boy will we have the map for you  😉

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