• is that in 2nd or third edition rules, or a house rule?

    if i have overlooked this ruke, then a persia ic is worthless

  • I believe it’s third edition, might possibly be second. I remember a post where it was discussed as being in first edition, and making the game pretty much pointless, because of placing ICs in Persia.

  • Its second and third edition rules.

  • It is definitely NOT 1st edition rules, which is what I have used most in the past. This would definitely make a Persian IC useless.

  • Here are my Do’s and Don’ts for Germany:

    DO: Buy at least 24 inf in the first 3 turns.

    DON’T: Buy any capital ships!

    DO: Capture any territory you can hold on to for at least one turn.

    DON’T: Capture any territory you can not hold until next turn unless it blocks an Allied player from doing something you must prevent. (e.g. cut off planes from landing, or block ships from passing).

    DO: Pick an Axis strategy for winning (take Russia or Economic) and stick with it unless the Allied player makes the other option more appealing. Both Germany and Japan must be going for the same type of win.

    DON’T: Lose more than a couple of your original armor.

    DO: Allow the allies to take Western Europe if it means no support for Russia defenses.

    DON’T: Allow the allies to take Eastern Europe.

    DO: Protect and build a fleet in the Mediterranian Sea. The added mobility to German forces will keep Russian and UK defensive forces stretched thin.

    DON’T: Allow any allied transports to survive for the first 4 turns.

  • Not bad. To the not losing original armor I would add fighters as well, as they are even harder to replace.

  • @Grigoriy:

    Not bad. To the not losing original armor I would add fighters as well, as they are even harder to replace.

    That’s true, but it can be hard to do with the need to suppress allied shipping. I do, however, routinely avoid any chance of an AA shot against German aircraft. There plenty of other useful things for German airplanes to attack, so I believe its a good strategy for preserving the Luftwaffe.


  • 2007 AAR League

    Thanks for clearing that up for me war.

  • hey Zero - how do you prevent the survival of any allied transports for the first 4 turns without sac’ing all of your luftwaffe?

  • Bad luck on your opponent’s part?

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