GUys got a q what is the best unit?

  • @UKcommander:

    How about a poll to vote for either fighters, tanks, or infanry? I’ll set one up if you guys want me to.

    I doubt it’s necessary.

  • 2007 AAR League


  • Infantry is the best. They defend at a 2 and cost only 3 IPC.
    You can buy them in mass.

  • it all depends on the country in question. no one unit is best for all of them. but here’s my picks 🙂 :

    Russia: INF, sheer numbers can overwhelm the german war machine on a relentles march to berlin

    Germany: Tanks/Armor, blitzkrieg, thats all there is to it

    UK: trannies, i know it sounds stupid, but without them the UK can’t do much of anything

    Japan: anything, japan needs all the help she can get on the mainland, it doesnt really matter what it is, just get units there quick

    USA: Carrier w/ 2 Fighters, can we say smackdown?? they can obliterate japan’s navy while also serving to protect units in an amphib assault

    now these are just my picks, they might not work for all your strats, so feel free to tweak them to work for you.

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