• Unsure exactly on this one?  In combat phase, step 4 (attack land units &/or airfields) the rules state “For each of your Air units & Sea units participating in the attack (not land units), decide whether it will attack land units or airfields. It can’t do both”.

    I’m ok with the air & sea units have to decide, but does this mean that the other land units you have on the island can only attack enemy land units, or can they attack an airfield also instead of land units?

    Seems the way it reads, land units can only attack land units on the island.  But if thats the case, why aren’t they able to attack airfields, especially in the case of artillery if not the infantry?

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    Land units can not attack/damage an airfield.

    The concept is that the ships and bombers are putting holes in the airstrip to make it unusable by planes. This takes tons and tons and tons of bombs (I seem to think there was a thread about it.)

    If your land units had enough time and enough explosives and equipment to significantly damage an airfield you wouldn’t want to, you’d be using it yourself.

  • Kind of my thinking as well, but had to be sure because the question came up with other players in one of our games.  Thanx

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

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