• I think the US’s first turn purchase should be 3 fighters, 5 tanks, and a transport. The tanks (which will be purchased each turn until Asia belongs to the allies) go in China. The fighters go to defend Hawaii in case Japan gets stupid.

    Unless Japan captures the two airported islands in the South Pacific and Australia hasn’t taken them back either, US moves all available planes there. US moves small fleet to midway to prepare a counter attack in case Japan gets greedy for Australia.

    IF Japan holds the airported islands (must be both), US moves everything to Hawaii and tries to set up an assault on one of those islands, with Australia. The South Pacific islands are critical for the Allies initial defense of the Pacific.

    US’s main objectives: Defend Australia’s capitol, DEFEND againt Japanese pacific attack, and help india take back malaya, take siam, french indo-china, and eventually manchuria and the rest of the points in asia (at least 12 which will bring even the most successful Japan (41) to a miserably slow 2 VPs a turn). Once US has taken asia, it can concentrate on taking Japan with plenty of time to do so.

    At the fourth turn, even if Japan is getting the max (3/4/4/4 = 15) US has 15 tanks in asia and can maul Japan’s forces there. If US loses all units in the bid, india comes in and takes care of the rest. Plus US is dealing with amazing amounts of Chinese to take hits for the tanks.

    What do ya’ll think of that?

  • It will be awhile before your tanks get to mainland Asia. After Japans frist round ,in the games i play, The americans dont have much of a navy left. Ive seen Japan take out the Pearl fleet and the West coast Fleet in the Frist round. If Japan send its fighters
    to keep the Americans at bay, it wil be a while before the US can sweep over Asia.

  • It’s a great stratagy, but there is one small detail that is vital to it that doesn’t work. The US can’t produce tanks in Asia. There is no territory owned by the US on the mainland to build an IC on and the Chinese IC can only produce infantry. If it wasn’t for this pesky detail the Us would kick a lot of ass in Asia every game.

  • I can’t even think of any scenario where the US would buy tanks. Games wouldn’t last very long if the US could place new purchases in China.

  • By far, the best way for Us to attack islands is Marines and Artillery. And yes, tanks cannot be built in China. China only gets 1 infantry per province which makes IPCs per turn, plus 1 for burma road.

  • Two problems.

    The tanks : the issue has been raised already.

    The second is those small islands in South pacific. As Japanese, I hope you will land your air force on them because i can take all your planes off with two infantries and tons of shore bombardments. Take em to Australia instead, even if it takes two steps.


  • Here’s a question that came up last night during play. If the Americans cannot build in China (ie, their IPC do not represent chinese construction), can Japan Industrial Bomb the factory in China and take $$ from the States?

  • No. China is played like a completly different nation with the same turn as the US. Since the Chinese have no income there is nothing to take away.

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