• I have a question about the use of subs in the new game. Larry has confirmed – in one of his posts – that subs are able to submerge in battle and so on, but are they also able to surprise first-strike? On another note, can subs block a SZ, so that new ships can’t be built?

  • Hi LinkandMarion.
    Larry has said Subs do not block a SZ, neither do Transports.
    In A&A games the presence of enemy ships has never blocked new naval placement, so  I am sure that will remain the same.
    Not sure about 1st strike.

  • Also they can only submerge after the first round, so a bit of shooting happens first.

  • From Larry’s Imperial Germany post:

    “Unlike a land battle, a sea battle can go on for multiple rounds of combat for as long as the attacker wants to continue. As usual in most A&A games, when it comes to submarines the attacker can roll an attack or can submerge. This is followed by the defender rolling for his or her ships. After both sides have rolled, the casualties are removed. The attacker can either press or break-off the attack.”

    When I read this, I assumed it meant that subs have the usual first strike capability.

  • It is not clear, but perhaps they do not as there are no counters in this game(Destroyers).
    If they do, it means they can always avoid combat.
    Am not a WW1 historian. Were very few Subs sunk as there were no proper counter measures?
    Anyone know?
    It is nice having something for which we do to have an answer.

  • 204 u-boats were sunk in WW1 (mainly in 1917/1918). The first depth charges became available for war in early 1916. The kills because of these depth charges were 38 direct kills and 140 assists.

  • Thank you Kloek107.
    I had no idea is was so many, or that the Germans had that many subs.

  • No problem! I’m always fascinated by this. Germany actually built 360 of them in total, some of them being very successful (one sinking 3 (outdated) battleships in one hour).
    Also, the set-up seems a bit off, France has 2 battleships while Germany only has one. The french had around 25 ‘battleships’ (dreadnoughts and pre-dreadnoughts mainly), while Germany had 48 of these ‘battleships’. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the subwarfare!

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