Opening moves?

  • Anyone have any good opening moves, builds, strategies for this version of A&A?

  • For which power? I tend to do an air buy for the British in India (I know most prefer an air buy an place it in England) to keep the Japanese at bay, also abandon Australia and move the infantry over to India. America  an “shuck” fighters over to Australia if the Japanese don’t take it on turn one and the British place an inf there round 2. Russia, if you’re playing with the revised set up, can usually afford to launch a massive attack on West Russia and do a round of combat or two against Ukraine before falling back on the Caucus. Pull the far east units back slowly towards Moscow, if you see the opportunity you can use these units to launch a counter attack against the Japanese if they ever occupy China.

    As for the Axis…kill everything in your path  :-P…but I do consider an attak against British Eygpt to be vital to the Axis on R1.

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