Getting my feet wet.

  • Now that 1914 is coming out and I will have pieces to represent all the minor powers I might get my game rolled out on a table and try my hand at this.

    But why, oh why can US ships move from the East Coast to Normandy in one move? (25-26-27-28)
    Also why does Rio De Oro exist….

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Its name seems to come from an east-west river which was supposed to have run through it formerly. The river was thought to have largely dried out - a wadi, as the name indicates - or have disappeared underground.

    However, deriving from its previous name Rio do Ouro Portuguese seafarers applied it to the area, although no gold had been found there, neither in the water of the narrow gulf, probably mistaken for the river itself, nor in its neighbourhood.

    That’s the best answer I can give you… People used to call the area that? lol…

  • I would assume Rio De Oro is included in most maps because it was a holding of Spain.  Therefore realistically you could not travel down the coast without Spain being involved in the war.

    In some games there is the option to either ally with Spain or declare war on Spain, there-by making it possible to move from North Africa to Central Africa or the other way.

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