• Just wondering if there seems to be a balance issue for those who like to play till the other gives up.

    In our games the allies usually win but we were playing wrong in regards to a couple rules.  Now it is 1-1 with the rubber match coming soon.  Seems like the Axis will be tough to stop but they have to play a more mistake free game.  They have to get the income to match the allies and then its anybodys game.  Just wondering what happens in other peoples games since we haven’t played many yet with the correct rules.

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    In most of our games, it ends up as an Axis victory. Usually, when we play it out beyond the Victory City win conditions, it just get’s worse for the Allies. However, there have been a couple of times where the Allies manage to turn it around in a couple of rounds or so and end up destroying the Axis.
    One that I remember is where Germany overwhelmed Russia and went down through the Middle East to take Cairo for the 8th VC. UK London was still in the game and giving the Italians fits while the US had the Japanese beat down to almost nothing.
    In the next round, after the technical Axis win, USA invaded and took Japan. Then all it’s might was shifted toward Germany. It took several more rounds, but eventually Russia was liberated and Rome fell. Then Germany just got squeezed smaller and smaller. It was kind of weird seeing US tanks rolling across Russia to attack Moscow.

  • Sounds like most of the outcomes we have had.  US usually goes mostly Pacific and Japan gets strong for a bit while Germany gets really strong.  By the time Germany is able to shift focus from Russia the US has taken Japan down significantly and there is not enough Germans to continue fighting against US, China, UK Pacific, and the continuous flow of UK europe tanks coming from Africa and/or another MIC that may have been built.  Got to play a few more games to find out under the correct rules.  Italy is almost never a factor because it takes to much German resources to help them get big enough to make a difference.  Usually would rather spend that money on getting Russia as fast as possible.

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