• One reason I am intrigued by a WWI game is that there seem to be more avenues to victory for that AAE1940- Instead of “Sealion or Barbarossa or Both” or “Land in Norway or France or KIF” in you have:

    1. Concentrate on the big dog- Germany.  “All-in” approach
    2. Med Strategy- Control the Med and Africa.  Play defensive against Germany/Austria and attack Ottoman Empire.
    3. Central Strategy- Play defensive against Germany/Ottoman Empire and attack Austria the hardest to split the CPs in two and threaten the heart of Germany.

    1. Traditional Schiefflen plan- Neutralize Britain, Attack France with bulk of forces, then when France falls take out Russia.
    2. Alpine Front plan - As described by Flashman- Attack through the Alps and put all effort into Rome and Paris.
    3. Sealion - we don’t know much about naval combat, but an early Sealion plan to knock out Britian and use Austria/Ottoman to take out Russia or Italy
    4. The Med Gambit - Go for the long haul economic plan.  Play defensive as Germany and threaten both France and Russia to tie down enemy troops.  With Austria and Ottoman -> Take out Italy and attempt to control the Med (again need more info on naval battles).  Attack Africa to drive down the Western Allies’ economies.
    5. Russia - Go hard core into Russia- get the Revolution to trigger thus removing the bear and eliminating the entire eastern front.  Turn attention to the West.

    Hard for me to not like CP #5…  losing a whole front changes the game.  I alkso like Allied #3…  could make Germany crumble!  What do you guys think?

  • #5 is probably why there are no rail rules. Because we KNOW Russia will surrender under certain conditions, just put max effort into that.

    Germany didn’t know in advance that the Russians would bow out like we do.
    And since we do, and if there were rail rules the opposite of the Schiefflen plan would be the standard play. Knock RUSSIA out and quickly railroad those forces back to fight FRANCE. In reality it was the opposite.

    TL;DR if there was rail people would force russia to surrender first then attack paris every game

  • We dont know the victory conditions yet.

    Since no capitals were taken in the real war, maybe this game will be won by economic victory ?

    Or maybe something else ?

  • I find it hard to believe that an Axis and Allies game by Larry Harris would not have capital capture as a victory requirement.  I was simply guessing that two enemy capitals must be taken for each side to win.

  • Customizer

    Read the reports.

    Its capture two capitals to win, but the CPs have to hold Paris or London.

    Russian Revolution is an optional rule, not in the standard game.

  • The CP has the oppertunity to spread the fight out, to keep the British occupied elsewhere other than supporting France. And with so many diffrent powers each game could be different. Can Austria-Hungary manage to hold off Russia one turn (say you get really good dice rolls on AH1) and thus allow Germany to put greater pressure on France?

    And also you forgot the Balkans campaign (though I guess that’s kind of #3), in the end this little known front was a major contribution to actually ending the war, it completely broke the Ottomans and AH Empire once they broke through the Bulgarians, and the fact that they would have to again fight a two front war (3 if Romania joined in again) convinced the Germans they were screwed.

    And How long will the Ottomans be able to hold off the British? Or will the British forgo the old Porte in order to concentrate on Germany?

    It will indeed be interesting. I for one will lead Glorious Russia to glorious victory…or glorious defeat.

  • Or for the first time in A&A history, glorious surrender.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    I think it’s stupid that you can’t stamp out the Bolshevik revolution, RIGHT as it starts… either as the Tsarists OR the CP.

  • Larry never said they win, he just said that Russia has to peace out. For all we know the Tsar mounts a mini pony and leads a glorious charge that kills Lenin.

  • Customizer


    I think it’s stupid that you can’t stamp out the Bolshevik revolution, RIGHT as it starts… either as the Tsarists OR the CP.

    But the CPs were behind the 2nd revolution; Lenin was a German agent. It was he, against virtually all the other communists, who consistently argued for a treaty with Germany whatever the cost in land. The Germans even agreed to send troops into Northern and Eastern Russia to eradicate the various anti-Bolshevik forces at large there.

    So, if you want a Russian civil war as part of the game, the CPs control the Reds, the Allies control the surviving starting Russians who become the Whites.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Wow Turn Coats! I never knew…

    I like it…

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