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    ‘88s’ – ANTI-TANK GUNS (Gemany only)
    Such guns are vital for the German player to fend off any attacking Russian Assault Guns. This rule should be used in combination with Assault Guns, if Russia starts the game with Assault Guns.

    The German player may take advantage of his Anti-Aircraft (A/A) guns dual capability and may choose to use his A/A guns as an Anti-Tank gun. The choice of how the A/A gun is to be directed must be declared during the first round of combat and may not be redirected on a new target during the combat.

    A defending A/A gun rolls one die for each attacking armor (or assault gun) during each round of combat or once at every attacking aircraft. The casualties have no chance to counterattack.

    For explaination of Assault Guns and more house rules, take a look at Nice House Rules! 😄

    B. Andersson, Game Master

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    I like you, you like Houe Rules :lol: …

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    I like you, you like Houe Rules :lol: …

    If you actually have used this rule or any other rule from ‘Nice House Rules’ I would love to hear how it came out? If you used 88’s, did Russia start with Assault Guns or did you compensate the Allies in another way? 😮

    B. Andersson, Game Master

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