Wichita, KS players

  • Live near Wichita, KS.  Anybody around here play?  Will learn to play any version if I don’t already play it.

  • hey there.  glad to see someone from kansas.  I live north of salina, me and my boss play.  Started with 1942 first and and then second edition, now play global 2nd edition.  I will be moving to hutchinson in the next few months.  Wanting to find a group or two to play with when I make the move.  Or before perhaps if your ever up this way

  • Awesome, sounds good.  I will let you know if I plan on coming up that way.  Hutch is definitely close enough for regular sessions. 🙂 Let me know when you move.

    Me and a buddy play Spring 42, 40 Europe/Pacific/Global, and have just started using the '84 MB board as well.  He bought D-Day, but has yet to receive it.  Would love to learn '42 variant.

  • Hey there,

    (partial cross-posting from the thread on the HBG Convention in Tulsa next year)

    I’m a new member to the A&A messageboard (actually, I’m an former member of the messageboard whose account was still registered, but whose registered email is no longer valid, so I couldn’t effectively reset my password for the old user account)…

    …and I’m located in Wichita, KS!  I haven’t played A&A for quite a while, as in 8 or 9 years, and my A&A experience is pretty dated, having only played the Milton Bradley A&A Classic version AND Imp Games’ East & West.  But I’d still be interested in seeing if we could put together an occasional game now and then.

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