• So I’m a semi-regular player, but have never played the older version (I play spring '42 and '40 Europe and Pacific).  Recently I found out a buddy of mine used to play years ago in college, so we’ve started playing each other.  Problem is, I have only played S42 and E/P40.  He is a pro playing classic.  He just bought a classic board online and we are going to play that version this weekend.  I am normally Axis, and can hold my own with the games I’ve played, but I would like some Axis strategy for the older game.  He said America can land troops in Europe in one turn.  Is this true?  Also, what are the major differences between this game and the newer versions?  Any help is appreciated.


  • America can land troops in Spain on turn 1, this is true- the US only starts with one transport in the atlantic, and has to spend $3 to invade a neutral country.

    The game is slanted towards the Allies and we usually played ‘russia restricted,’ as in, russia cannot attack round 1, but do what you want.

    As Axis-
    Germany: buy lots of Infantry spreckled with a tank or two/turn.  Sink British Fleet and Take Egypt first turn.  Drop a couple more units in Africa on subsequent turns to hurt the British economy.  Essentially, you make more money than Russia, so you should be able to take Karelia eventually (buy lots of Infantry!!!). If all else fails, you turtle and wait for Japan.
    Japan: Usually the Allies are playing KGF, so take out american fleet at pearl harbor and then use transports and/or new factories to pump out infantry and tanks in asia.  Usually there is not much threat to Japan for awhile, so they baloon.  Wouldn’t bother with Australia- your fleet, transports will be out of position and the troops would serve better in Asia.  Unless, of course you need it to win economic victory (84 ipcs).

    As Allies-
    Russia- Infantry, Infantry, Infantry.  Can stack 19 Infantry in Karelia turn 1. Can stack 6 Infantry in Yakut turn 1.  Keep stacking Karelia until you think the Germans can take it, and retreat to Moscow before you lose it (same goes for Yakut- retreat if you think the Japanese will kill them).  Stay alive.
    UK - build up invasion fleet around the UK.  build in northwest corner of the UK so germany can’t take it out easily.  Don’t bother with an Indian factory- That is just a free one for Japan.  South Africa factory can be viable, but Japan may also target it.  Best route I know of is to build invasion fleet with americans and land in africa or norway depending on your preference.
    3. USA- Build up a canada shuck.  Basically you build land troops in western US, move them to Western Canada (where they can be picked up by ships in the SZ off of Eastern Canada) and move those troops to Africa or Norway- have two transport fleets to do so.  This takes 3-4 turns to set up.  I like to have a constant flow of american troops in africa so they start arriving in the middle east at the same time as Japan does from the other way.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks, appreciate the feedback.

    The game was won by me as axis.  I turtled with Germany first few rounds (didn’t play with a no first turn Russian attack rule), but eventually went for the Russian kill.  I took his stack on Karelia and after that the Russian resistance was done.  I broke free with German forces all across the middle east and asia (except for a stack in Russia).  Japan was used successfully to put pressure on Russia from the east (built an IC in SE asia and took the south route), also destroyed America’s chinese forces.  After he realized the KGF strategy was a lost cause he went for Japan’s throat.  The game came down to how fast I could get Germany to Japan’s aid.  Got there with maybe one turn to spare (Japan surrounded by American and British fleets.  Took his India IC with Germany, as well as his Egypt IC.  Used those to build a massive German navy to liberate the mainland of Japan.  Used my luftwaffe to destroy any navy he made in the atlantic as well as had nice land reserves in Europe to repel invasion forces.  He didn’t have enough money to attack both Germany and Japan, especially as it became increasingly costly to lose transports to the luftwaffe every turn.  Game is definitely different from 42, much faster paced.

  • Played thrice now and have won them all as axis.  Seems a lot easier to win as Axis in this version.

  • The allies must not be playing optimally.

    Russia losing his stack in Karelia is wrong- if, on Russia’s turn Germany can kill it- he should fall back to Moscow.  Is he buying mostly Infantry?

    IC’s in India are a mistake- if Japan wants it he can get it.

  • Yeah, all he buys is infantry.  Normally it is a pretty even battle on the eastern front, and often I am forced to turtle with Germany as America and Britain begin to attack Western Europe and Norway as well as SBR.  I typically end up with only WE/Germany/SE/EE as Germany before Japan can get in and relieve pressure.  He feels he has to do something in India with Britain or Japan will invade Russia way too fast.  He has also tried an IC in eastern Russia to help keep Japan at bay.  I buy an IC for Japan and use tanks to blitz across Asia and buy enough naval units to ward off an American invasion. This strategy has worked every time.  Losing the Karelia stack is probably his biggest mistake, but I don’t think Russia would last long only receiving 8 IPCS a turn.

  • @MeinFuhrer:

    Played thrice now and have won them all as axis.  Seems a lot easier to win as Axis in this version.

    If your playing a no RR game with a 0 bid and winning as Axis your Allies player is not very good (no disrespect intended).

    Barring a total collaps of the dice I wouldn’t lose as Allies in a traditional no RR 3rd Edition game. It favors the Allies, most of the time I would give a bid of 18-20 depending on my opponent in a standard 3rd ED no RR.

    If you playing no RR……

    Round 1:

    USSR hits Ukr with 6inf/2tnk/1ftr and roll it until Ukr is dead but do NOT lose the USSR fighter. Send 1 Ftr/Sub on the German Sub/Tranny. If you only hit 1 retreat the sub back to the North Sea (assuming Germany misses). If you clear them both its a bonus. Some people will hit Manch with 6 Inf/1Tnk. I chose not to. If this goes bad your going to get steam rolled on the back side by Japan. I stack Yak with 6 and put 1 Inf/1Tnk Novo. If all goes well you sink the German tanny/sub and take Ukraine with 2-3 ground. This forces Germany to hit the North Sea with only 1 cover ship (the sub of WE) and the remaining 4 ftrs/1bmr. Its to risky for them to try and send 1 plane after the UK tranny in the Lab. This weakens the hit on the North Sea and Germanys likely to lose more planes. They also have to deal with your forces in Ukr. Those USSR units, normally tanks, cannot be left alive. With the German Air committed to the North Sea Germany will likely be forced to use 1-2 tanks on that counter hit.

    In a normal game (barring any oddities in the dice) Germany is down 1-2 planes at the conclusion of its turn R1. The rest is just adjusting and reacting to how the game unfolds.

    If your playing with Technology…dont buy ANY IC’s with Japan. This opens you up to strat bombs by Heavy Bmrs. If you only have your original Capital the Allies can not reach with without LRA+HB. Buy 1-2 tranny per turn until your at 10+. Round 1 buy for Japan should ALWAYS be 2 Tranny 3  Inf. Sink Hawaii, Sink Hawaii, Sink Hawaii…use BB, Sub, Ftr, Bmr and kill China. Anything else and your taking risk and thinning out your other battles. Hawaii and China, be done, non combat move and place units.

    I am currently deployed overseas and I am playing 1942 1ED. The classic version is much different…faster paced and harder for the Axis

    note: I say I give bids of 18-20, the club I play in you have to state your placement with the bid (I.E. 20=2 men EE, 3 Men Libya, Tank Kwang).

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