TripleA global map compared to 2e box map

  • Does anyone know if there are any differences in the global maps in the latest version of TripleA and the 2e global maps (Europe & Pacific)?  I want to print out the TripleA map as it’s bigger and my table can accommodate it and I like the look of it more, but I want to make sure the territories are the same and the borders. Thanks!

  • I went over every territory and sea zone and only found the “Western Canada” (on 2e maps) are “Yukon Territory” and “British Columbia” on the 1e map and TripleA’s map. I’m unsure if I missed anything.

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    Right, this is supposed to be the only map-change from 1st editon to 2nd edition.
    TripleA 1940 Alpha 3 for example reflects the map of the first edition,
    TripleA 1940 Second Edition has the change, but only technically; that means that you cannot enter Yukon in (TA) G40 second edition.

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