• I’ve posted about this before, and still think this is quite a devastating strategy. Basically it revolves around Germany buying a destroyer and five transports on or by the first turn and placing them in the sea zone adjascent to Vybord, Leningrad, and the Baltic states (i think it might be the Baltic Sea). First off, the fleet is very defendable with the presence of the destroyer and plenty of transports as cannon fodder. This coupled with no availability to attack with any substantial forces by the allies creates quite a dilema. When placed in the baltic sea, it is out of range of any fighters that wish to return to England at the end of the turn. The russians have only a fighter and a bomber to throw at them, which wont get the job done. The job being destroy all but one or two of the transports.

    I’ve found (the hard way) that these transports are a very serious threat to the allies, and they have almost no way of dealing with it except to throw thier planes at the fleet like lambs to the slaughter and hope to score a couple extra hits with them. Once the fleet is in place, GB has no choice but to dig in and spend all thier cash on infantry. Bottom line: if england falls its game over. The U.S. wont be able to take it back and hold it until GB can get back on its feet that early in the game.

    However, if the german player decides that his/her attack on england will not succeed, they could simply stage a massive invasion into Russia instead, leaving GB with a completely wasted turn of buying infantry, further increasing his/her advantage as GB and possibly U.S. will be well equiped to defend GB, but ill-equiped to help out russia, which turned out to be the real objective.

    Help me out here, am I missing something? I just feel like by buying that fleet, the german player has too many options for the allies to defend against. They must make a move and no matter what they do would be the wrong move.


  • I remember your past post and I was not an advocate of the strategy. Now, I kind of see what that fleet can do for Germany. However, not only does this purchase screws up England’s first turn purchase, it also affects Germany. Germany is now one turn down in purchasing inf., tanks, ect for the Eastern Front. And if the invasion of England does not work out, you are left with a bunch of transports that are useless, except for an attack onto Leningrad, which would then be pretty obvious to the Allies.

  • That Strategy is a good one, but by know means a sure victory. If the Allies want to destroy that type of German Fleet, i think they can. The Allies can send, one fighter and bomber from Russia, 2 fighters and a bomber from Britian and a bomber from the US.
    If that doesnt destroy the German fleet, it wont have enough to invade England or Russia with any concrete effect. Also, Where do the Allies place their 12ip?
    If im playing Russia and i see that the Germans have gone all Navy, i would be more Aggresive with their the ground units.

  • The key to defending for the allies to to keep Lenningrad. the 12$ should be spent on 4 infantry to defend the city. If either Lenningrad or Vyborg stand at the end of the first German turn, the allies can use british fighters to attack and destroy the German fleet. So, the 12$ should be spent on a transport for the baltic so the allies have to fight for Lenningrad.

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