:STRATEGY GAMERS!: If you are Dorner… whats your next move?

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    Let’s face it…

    We’re all strategic thinkers at AA.org… and this Crazy Dorner guy is out there terrorizing the neighbourhood, and for all we know, living in IL’s basement.  We can’t have that, and IL won’t be safe until we end this sherraid!

    So the question is… what’s Dorner’s next move?  What would YOU do in his shoes/if-you-were-crazy?  If we predict his moves then maybe he can be stopped!

    I for one think he wins just by doing NOTHING.  The longer he’s on the loose doing NOTHING and tying up police resources, the more people have to ponder his manifesto, and force to consider his threat.

    That said, if I was Dorner, I’m heading for mexico,  F-this “declare war” on you crap.  Some innocent people have already suffered, I’m having second thoughts, and I know the orders against me are shoot to kill.  It’s RUN time.


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    Id say see Gargantua for his next move. They both think alike and Gargantua likes Dorners ideas. Dorner is brown Gargantua and Gargantua is green Gargantua.


  • Nice to see you two getting along  8-)

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    Well you have to strike again or you’ll just get lost in the media cycle. But the more attacks you carry out the more you increase the chance that you’ll be caught and again get lost in the media cycle. I’d want to dial up the violence without killing more and with a lot of destruction of police property. Too much killing and you’re just a malicious psycho who wants to hurt people. Terrorism is a delicate art.

    I’d want to get sentiment turning against the police. I haven’t been following closely. I just have a rough idea what this guy is on about. If you just slip away you fail in getting the outside microscope/spotlight looking at what’s going on. I’d be trying to make them look incompetent so again not getting caught. So you want to terrorize the police and get them doing things that inconvenience the regular folks. You want to do a cycle of getting them all hyped up and hyper-vigilant and then relaxing only to end up hyper-vigilant again.

  • Have IL make me a sandwich.

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    The guy mentioned asymmetric warfare.  So go into hiding, let the media talk and talk and once and while keep the fire burning when you see your ‘ratings’ dipping.  Ties up resources and when they are fatigued you strike again.

  • from Wikipedia, I gather it took this guy 4 years to go Postal.

    joined LA PD 2005

    finished academy training 2006

    Reserve  unit deployed to Bahrain 13 mo

    2007 probationary assignment w Sgt Teresa Evans

    Wife divorced him 2007

    2007 he reported Sgt Teresa Evans’ brutality on a suspect.

    2008 fired from the LA PD.

    final discharge from the Navy Reserves on Feb 1, 2013.

    his Manefesto says something about the police firing ending his Navy career due to loss of security clearances.

    Maybe the Reserves kept him busy for a while.

    I was not able to find any legal maneuvers in between the 4 years.

    Shooting the lawyer’s daughter seems to close the door to anything legal.

    The Wikipedia also says they are using predator drones to hunt him down.

    I wonder how legal that is .
    I mean, killing the Yemeni Al Queda elders over there is one thing,
    but Dorner is a citizen, and our legal system is one that views the citizen innocent until proven guilty.

  • I assume he must have stashed some scuba / naval gear somewhere and will swim away to some well stocked hold out.

    But it needs to be accessible by some vehicle other than his gray truck.

  • Seems like the local police departments are using Dorner as an excuse to go shooting up the public too.

    Makes me wonder if the the whole murder of the lawyer’s daughter and the online manefesto was some sort of cover story for some of the other police hyper alert status shootings.

    What the media is playing just sounds too easy.

    Which conspiracy will settle out as the real story ?

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    I’m in agreement Linkon… but I take the events at face value.  I don’t think there’s much of a conspiracy at work here… other than what Dorner has created himself.

    Looking at this again… is Dorner a Murderer?  Yes - and he’s going to pay for it.

    But is this guy going to see anykind of Justice “system” other than a colt .45 or worse to the face? NO. We all know it.  It’s the American way.

    The president uses drones to kill people everyday, that’s part of the problem.

    And the police shooting other random people in the crossfire, comes straight from Dorner’s manifesto.  He called it… and in his view, it’s that kind of stupidity he’s declaring war against.  Interesting no?

    To be honest, I’m surprised this “American Citizen” hasn’t already be labelled as a treasonist/terrorist.  Hence the justification for hunting him with predator drones.  When are Americans going to realize that all the fancy toys they’ve built to protect themselves, are going to be turned back on them… 😞  I wonder if they’ll blow Dorner up, even if he’s at a shopping mall, because he’s such a “large public risk”.  That’s what they do with the Taliban…

    I wonder if the president come on the TV after and “shed tears” for the collateral victims.

    More Irony… Dorner is PRO Gun Control… lol…  Gee - I wonder why?  But we can’t have that discussion here.

    Dorner also likes Michelle’s “new bangs”.

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    The American government is killing it’s own citizens with Robots


    I really don’t know what else to say guys…

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    I do find all the irony in this quite interesting: The fact that the police shot someone thinking he was Dorner, the fact that he supports an assault weapons ban, and the idea that they would use drones to hunt him down and kill him without trail.

    For me it all stems from this strange American culture where they think that killing people is the best way to deal with your problems. Clearly that’s what Dorner thought, that’s what the LAPD currently thinks, and that’s what the White House always thinks overseas, now they are thinking about it at home. Not to mention they already think it’s okay AFTER the trail, so what’s the big deal with applying the logic BEFORE the trail?

    So with the LAPD on a shoot to kill policy, with the NRA saying that background checks are unreasonable and assault weapons are essential, with 1321 american citizens executed by their government since 1976 and over 3000 more awaiting execution, with the Army, Navy and Airforce constantly deployed all over the world for the past 70 years with the primary objective of killing people….

    …are we really surprised that Dorner thought that killing a bunch of people might be a good way to deal with his problems?

    May they not shoot to kill him, may they not send drones after him, I wish that he would turn himself in, face trail, and if he is found to be a threat to his fellow citizens by a jury of his peers may he be duly incarcerated to prevent further bloodshed.

    …I suspect that’s not what’s going to happen.

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    I think they have him cornered in some cabin now. I think there will be an exchange of gunfire and then when he realizes his situation is hopeless he’ll kill himself.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    He’s going down in a bloodbath for sure…

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    I remember getting put down by the SWAT team once… they’ll come in hard, and fast, and from all angles, with 10x your number or more.  The trick is to have an escape route OR an impossible access point (IE they can’t get at you).

    You can also rig up things that -look- like booby traps to slow them down…  but it’s all for not if you can’t get out.

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    The latest news reports are saying that he broke into a cabin and tied two people up. But he must not know how to tie a good knot because one of the two got away and called the police. They’ve got him cornered…it’s just a matter of time before they assault the cabin.

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    $20 says it’s just some other random black guy.

    That’s the ignorance/arrogance vibe I get from the reports that he “might look the same.”

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    Burned him to the kitchen table!

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    I think it would be interesting to count the number of people killed by assault weapons during the time it takes congress to debate the ban. It seems like there has been a bit of an uptick recently, huh? Guess people wanna get their shots in while they still can.

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    P.S. Anybody Remember that Samuel L. Jackson movie, The Negotiator?

  • Thus proving his original 2007 point of police brutality.

    The timing is sadly just not right for whatever this guy meant to say.

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    What he should do is write out his will and leave ME the rights to the movie.

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    I remember getting put down by the SWAT team once… they’ll come in hard, and fast, and from all angles, with 10x your number or more.  The trick is to have an escape route OR an impossible access point (IE they can’t get at you).

    You can also rig up things that -look- like booby traps to slow them down…  but it’s all for not if you can’t get out.

    You had the S.W.A.T. coming for you Aleposita ?? If I haven`t started to really wonder ,I do now!!

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    Yea Aleposita. You should have went to Mexico. You made the wrong choice.

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