• In our experience some games can go for days. We dont play the Victory City conditions we just get to a point in the war when its clear that one side will win. We usually get to a point in the day where we finish that turn and start with Germany and end with France writing down what each country has and where. We can get a good 6-8 hours of playing in a day and with some games going for days thats alot of hours. Curious to hear how you guys go about games

  • Face to face, the fastest game was 3 hours, germany uber failed sealion.  but the game usually goes from 8 to 12 hours before a winner can be determined.  I have heard of same games lasting a full day or more.

  • I guarantee we had games go a day or more. T-1 can be a couple hours on its own. I have been playing since the 80s when the first game came out. I can remember playing over the whole weekend

  • It depends on if the players know the rules and are experienced.  Many times we would play with 4 or more people and would simultaneously play; such as:

    Germany would go and Japan would go at the same time if they didn’t indend on attacking Russia.
    Then Russia, UK and USA/China would go at the same time
    Then Italy/ANZAC/France at the same time.

    That way it is like having a 3 Nation turn vice 6-8.  Of course if Japan attacks Russia, then you have to throw in an extra step so Japan can respond to Russia’s movements (if it matters).

    In this way we can get a turn done in under an hour (1.5 hour for first turn).

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    10 to 14 hours.

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