3rd edition

  • does any1 kno where i can read the 3rd edition rules?

  • Check my post “Da Lingo Is Killin ME!”

    ….the changesw are listed therre

  • I found this link where the changes are listed. I’ll have to scroll down a bit.

    Note that not all of the changes listed there are part of the 3rd edition rules. Some of them are additional options that the CD game offers (including some bugs)

  • -Submerging Submarines. Defending submarines can submerge or retreat from combat. A submerged sub stays in the same sea zone until after combat when it re-surfaces.
    -Planes can retreat from an amphibious assault. Fighters and Bombers can now retreat from an amphibious assault if the battle is going poorly for the attacker.
    -Multiple AA guns in one territory. You can now place multiple AA guns within one territory. However, only one of these AA guns can fire in a turn.
    -New Naval units can be placed in an enemy-occupied sea zone. You can now place any of your naval units in a sea zone that is occupied by enemy forces. If you do this, combat will occur on your enemy’s turn–unless the enemy moves its units out of the sea zone before the enemy’s combat phase. Note: You still have to place naval units in sea zones adjacent to one of your Industrial Complexes.
    -Western Canada no longer borders on the Atlantic Ocean. This keeps players from being able to move units from the Atlantic ocean directly into Western Canada.
    -When an aircraft carrier is sunk. The surviving aircraft on it can attempt to locate and land on a friendly island, territory, or aircraft carrier. These aircraft have one movement point to do so.

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