Metabarons painted units

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    so perhaps I could paypal you post and handling for some print-outs?

    Sounds good, I’m open for anything reducing costs.

    Sounds like you’re working on others

    Yes, I’m working on some others. Meanwhile I’ve got roundabout 30 highly detailled flightdeck drawings (Wasp Class, Essex-Class, Ark Royal Class, Illustrious Class, all japanese carriers, Graf Zeppelin etc.) and I commenced, modifying them.

    is it ok if I wait to see if you create other decks?

    Yes, it’s ok. Please give me some time to produce the decals in an adequate manner. If you are used to produce and receive quality, you are supposed to do things in some peace and quiet, otherwise it would be without rhyme or reason. The drawings have to be modified pixel by pixel.

    I’ll look around for flight deck images and send them your way - cool?

    Please, wait a little bit, this weekend I’m going to release in the forum a list of flight deck drawings I already researched and acquired. Additionally there will be some flight deck drawings I haven`t got yet. It would be nice, if some of us might research in the net or use personal or private sources to accomplish the list.

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    Dedo… sounds awesome, you’re a legend.  😄

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