• Looking for users in the Philadelphia, PA area to play on the weekends. We have a few regular players but we always could use a few more to add to the fun. Hope to see ya soon!

  • Addendum: If you’re interested in Philly, PA or Reading, PA e-mail justinsteel@yahoo.com.

  • are you interested in online play?

  • Hello Jazz,

    Just checking to see if this is still going on or not.

  • Since I live outside of Atlantic City NJ, I am curious to know where in the Philly area you play as I would like to sometime get out that way to play.

  • I am right around Allentown PA and wouldn’t mind a once in a while drive to Philly to play.

  • Does anyone still play AA  I live in the suburbs of philly

  • My cousin, my brother, and my self play sometimes. We play at one of our houses in Del county or Chester County. With the summer winding down maybe we will start playing more frequently.  We have been playing global 40 which I like best personally.  We would gladly add another player. If you’re interested send me a pm and I will get back to you.

  • I live in montgomery country.  I have gobal 40 and anniversary editions.  I also have the orgianl AA, Europe, Pacific and battle of the budgle.  I gave my 2nd edition away to a good friend who plays with me once and a while. If you guys wanna set a game up I will certainly attend. I yet to play the gobal game version.  Do you guys have house rules.

    I posted this because im not sure you go my PM.  My mail box doesn’t say if i sent it or not

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