• I was just wondering how many people were planning on buying it, and I know that a lot of you want to buy more than one copy. I am planning on buying 1 copy right away before the price goes up.

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    Right. When it sells out you sell it for 5 times more on ebay. They come two in a case. And it will sell out.

  • I would refuse to buy this based on what I have seen of the map design already.

    Given the lack luster performance of WOTC and Hasbro in general over the last many years it is apparent that they need to be sent a message about cutting corners and offering lack-luster products.

    Personally I’d prefer to pay for a version from H.B.G. as I feel that they have a greater passion for the games and their players.  It’s high time that gamers stop supporting producers who’s sole motivations are for the money and not the needs of the gamers who support them.

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    Thats all true, but you can’t argue with economics.

    These games grow in value when they sell out. So buy many, sell latter, and use the profits to buy HBG products.

  • I’d rather not purchase them at all.

    I’d rather put my money to other uses and spend my money for the love of the game.  Not deal in Boardgames.

    I buy and play games for the love of them… not as a currency.

  • I might buy 2. One to play (and extra chips), and one for pieces for Global 40 (or my CUSTOM SUPER global 40 I am working on in my basement on an 8X4 board with more territories)

    All the new colors can be used for Communist Chinese, Finland, Romania, Free French, Canadians, Spanish, Neutrals, etc.

  • Just one copy-  I don’t get to play A&A in person all that often and I have every version except the old NOVA, 1940 2nd edition, 1942 2nd edition, and 1941 (why would I buy that?)

  • I am buying it but only 1 copy. I see where Imperious is going though. I don’t know if this will go to the value of Anniversary edition because I think they will just do a second edition or another printing. If you bought 6-8 copies of Anniversary edition you could have made over 1,000 selling 5 of them.

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    It’s worth it to just pick up the box in storage and mail it out for $200 profit for doing nothing. Then you reinvest the money in more games. Whats wrong with that?

    I sold 6 copies of AA50 and made $1400 for just doing squat.

  • I’ll buy a bunch and sell some pieces on Ebay.  Plus save a few copies for selling later as well.

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    I doubt there will be another edition, even if it does sell out. The impression I get is that this is a one-off anniversary special.

    Will I buy it? Haven’t decided yet. That Polish tt is really putting me off; I wan’t to play a game set in WWI, not some crazy parallel universe where Congress Poland has swallowed up East Prussia.

    If I can find the time to create my own board, do I really need more than the unit pieces, which hopefully I’ll be able to get somewhere else separately.

    Who’m I kidding, yes I’ll buy a copy. There is a lot I like about the mechanics, and since this looks like the best A&A game for decades (certainly the biggest step forwards) I can pimp as I go along. Maybe acrylics can fix the Prussia/Poland mess.

    Also have to consider the IL game, assuming it’ll be available over here. Adding up shipping costs takes these things over my comfortable budget limit.

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    yea you will find it for sale in UK.

    BTW Do they still have street vendors who sell fish and chips?

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    The EU has enforced a ban on street vending.

    Of course, it only gets enforced in England, and the savages in places like Greece and Spain do whatever they like without penalty.

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    Well that sucks. I remember they wrapped it in newspaper and it was great. Almost to me what England was all about in a stereotypical way.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Don’t get me wrong, you can still buy Fish and Chips, but street vending is largely prohibited.

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    This is why they’ll never give us a vote to withdraw from the European Union.

    All that blood spilled to stop Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler uniting Europe, and this generation have surrendered without a whimper.

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    Do you want out Flashman?
    I am half Italian and I hate that the UK is in the EU.

    I will buy one copy and am excited about the contested territories. I have always loved air combat and WW1 planes.
    I am not up on WW1 history, so it is probable inaccuracies will not bother me as much as you, Flashman, and others.

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    Almost everyone wants out. That’s why they’ll never dare give us the choice. Its an Empire by another name.

  • Flash those comments you made are great and true about the EU. What made those countries great was their differences not their similarities. Instead some idiot says we have to all be the same and act the same and get along. What a load of crap. Thats alright some of those same failed ideas are coming to the USA. Sorry I shouldn’t have said that.

  • @Flashman:

    Almost everyone wants out. That’s why they’ll never dare give us the choice. Its an Empire by another name.

    England is not an island anymore, you know that, and you are a subject in a Commie Empire  😄

  • @Gargantua:

    Don’t get me wrong, you can still buy Fish and Chips, but street vending is largely prohibited.

    Wait. Does the game come with Fish and Chips? Because if it does I need to change my vote on the poll.

  • TripleA '12

    I’ll buy one copy, I’m not into greedy profiteering. As much as I despise WotC, I will continue to buy their games so long as Larry Harris keeps working with them.

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    Agreed Loz.
    I have never bought a game intending to sell for profit.
    Has always been for my entertainment.

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