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    To the valued customers of Field Marshal Games,

    Due to financial hardships, FMG cannot fulfill any of these pre-orders at this time, or in the foreseeable future. The FMG “German Combat Units” are not in production and the future of their project is unknown.

    In an effort to help, HBG has initiated a “bail out plan” for customers affected by this unfortunate situation, and FMG accepted our offer. While not affiliated with FMG, Historical Board Gaming has decided to honor the value of the pre-orders that were placed for these pieces. All pre-orders for “German Combat Units” must be resolved in order for you to receive credit for the money you have already paid. Your account must be resolved by March 1, 2013. Otherwise, credit for your pre-order cannot be guaranteed.

    You will be given credit, dollar-for-dollar, to spend on products from HBG (www.historicalboardgaming.com). To claim your credit, you must first visit our website and create a customer account using the same name and email address you have provided FMG so we can verify your identity. Second, respond to us at info@historicalboardgaming.com letting us know you are claiming your credit. We will place a “Reward Points” balance on account for you to spend (10 pts = $1). Use the “Redeem Points” tab at the top of our website to purchase your redeemable gift card.

    We understand some people simply want the item ordered or nothing at all. You may respond to this email indicating you would like a full refund of your FMG credit. HBG has chosen to use our own funds to reimburse these customers and will issue a refund to you through PayPal using the name and email address you provided FMG at the time of your pre-order, minus the PayPal transaction fees.

    We at HBG would like to thank you for your understanding in this matter. We wish the folks at FMG the very best in the future and hope to see them make a strong recovery. We look forward to serving you with our products and services. We are always open to questions, comments and suggestions. Feel free to contact us anytime at info@historicalboardgaming.com.


    Doug Friend
    President, Historical Board Gaming

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    A HUGE thanks to everyone here for your support over the years and to HBG for their efforts to aid us during this difficult period.

    Thank you


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