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Russia, UK, and World Domination

  • How could the UK and Russia play a long term role in a game of Axis and Allies world domination? Russia is that little balance that tips the scale when they fall to germany and or Japan. Then all of the powers change an alliance to elminate the top power. How would Russia ever stay long term? Same with UK. The UK seems only to serve the interests of America. How could they play a sinifigant role in world domination?

    Would UK and Russia have to make an alliance to the end? But still, Russia has a large chance of falling.

    With help from America Germany could falter and not attack Russia. At this point, who should go after who? Should America turn it’s tail on Japan, or should they just overwhelm Great Britain with their fleet?

    Any interesting ideas or stories on World Domination?

  • I have a follow up question, do you guys play this world domination A&A like risk? What are your guys’ play rules?

  • Well when I place A&A Free for All, it’s much more based on diplomacy. I have my own modified set of rules taken from Paul Thronson’s “Axis and Allies Diplomacy Style” for playing Axis and Allies. Drop me a hint if you would like to hear more about them.

  • let’s hear more

  • Its all about diplomacy in free for alls. Whomever makes the smartest deals and alliances wins. But, Japan and America have a big advantage due to their geographic Isolation.

  • Well my Axis and Allies Diplomacy consist of two sets of rules: Basic and Advanced. Basic usually revolves around the Alliance system of peace, alliance, or war, while the advanced system deals with new actions and abilities such as weapons of mass destruction, spy/espionage, country specific advantages, ect. Since the rules are pretty long, I’ll be happy to send them to you by e-mail. Just give me your e-mail address and a message of what set of rules you would like. As for the rules themselves? Again I largely accredit them to such people like Paul Thronson and other who have remained anonymous (if you’re out there, I’ll be happy to give you credit for it). I merely tried to expand and/or clarify these rules.

  • hi could you send me the rules please my email is :jc123jc@hotmail.com:: do u need 6 people to play??


  • Hmmm… good point. Well usually I play with 6 players Diplomacy style, but there has been a time where one or two players didn’t show up. Instead of unbalancing the scales (if they weren’t already), simply the countries not being played neutral. Usally USA will be the neutral country since it’s isolated, and to some extent, UK. This means all countries automatically start at war with each other at the beginning of the game. If more people experience this problem, I’ll try to think of a better alternative.

  • Heres my ruleset. I find these to be my personal favorite.

    Add to Britain - 1 IC in place of Britain’s Choosing

    1 Bb off Britain
    1 Transport 1 sub off Australia
    2 Infantry to Egypt
    2 infantry to Persia
    5 Infantry 1 Fighter wherever Britain wants to put it.

    Add 3 Infantry to Karelia
    Add 3 Infantry to Yakut

    Take away 1 Transport (Phil) from Japan
    Take away 1 Transport (Atlantic) From US

    Complete FFA, last one alive wins. No special rules. It gets pretty nasty. I remember, in the space of 3 turns, I once backstabbed both Japan and Russia, my allies, Allied with Germany, Attacked America (and won) and did an Amphid assault on Germany itself.

    Needless to say, I won that game 😄

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