• We have played lots of Global A+3 games and we have tried lots if different strategies but against an experienced player it just seems almost impossible for Germany to win. I f the game goes past 8 turns it just seems like by then USSR is a beast. Even with a T-2 attack on USSR by the time u push close to Moscow theres a huge stack there. Anyone have any good strategies?

  • Well, there are a few different paths you can take on turn 1 with Germany. What happens next turn really depends on what your opponent does. Your partner needs to also let you know when he plans to go to war with Japan.

    These are all strategies I’ve learned by observing games and using the search function here.

    Turn 1 regardless my goals are:

    1. Cripple the French and British navies while losing very little air and take France with about everything in range.

    2. Give myself a choice to either go Sea Lion (invade England) on turn 3 or Barbarossa (invade Russia) on turn 2 or 3 depending on if Yugo is taken.

    3. Get the couple eastern air units that dont reach 110 and 111 to South Italy to protect against a sz 97 attack by the Brits.

    There is a couple other ways I don’t use yet, one is to invade Russia right from the start. Search for posts from Vance and Young Grasshopper who like this strategy. Another is to take out the french fleet off of So. France to try to help Italy. Ithink this was another Vance idea.

    To accomplish my goals the best way is to cripple the british fleets in szs 110 and 111, and the dest and transport in 106. I send two subs at 106 and all my airforce and remaining subs and my battleship at 110 and 111.

    I usually purchase a carrier and two transports to threaten Sea Lion. If the British respond by building all infantry, then those transports can be used in the baltic to take and continously place men and art from Germany into Novograd.

    If the british ignore the threat and build a factory in Egypt, then move your men into position, buy transports and one destroyer and invade London the next turn.

    Later in the game:

    Any time you can move your strat bombers up to E. Poland or Novo you need to be strat. bombing Russia. Have at least 3 in rotation and keep 20 damage markers on that factory.

    In general, you don’t have to take Russia immediately. If he makes a mistake, great push right on through.

    If not, with a strong Japanese partner distracting the USA, try to stack up and control Bryansk. You can capture the Caucaus, Volgograd, Urkraine and strat bomber Russia to death. You be making 70 and he will be making 15 with a 20 damage markers. From the start, keep a sub in sz 125 to deny his national objective. Starve him out.

    Build a factory in west ukraine for artillery and build units in Novo and Urkaine and Volgo and out build Russia. Back home in the west be building mech/inf/art to protect france, norway and denmark and eventually Russia will fall.

    Use the search function and wtach some games in the play games forum to learn more. Or join the league or play some games by forum on Triple A and play the allies, you’ll figure out what Germany is doing pretty quick and be able to dominate your home game.

    Hope this helps,

  • thanks Jeff……the strat. bombing of Moscow is a good idea and i was thinking of a T-1 attack on USSR so that would really cripple the Russian building capacity. I also like building the carrier and transports to keep the UK from just crushing Italy and i eventually use that navy to hit Lenningrad. I also think that Germany has to push towards Stalingrad…more IPCs there plus bonusses…just so many things Germany has to do on T-1 and they cant afford to loose any airpower.

  • The ‘Turkish Gambit”.

    If your playing face to face try this as your opponent won’t have as much time to study all the possibilities.

    G1, buy a major factory. Take out the British fleet as you normally would. Non-combat move the big stack of infantry in Germany towards Romania, then place factory in Romania.

    G2, build a fleet of one carrier, destroyer and around 5 or 6 transports. Finish off the UK navy. Non-combat move the western forces to the east, the big infantry stack to Romania. Place fleet in the Black Sea.

    The Russians are now threatened from Karelia all the way to the Caucasus (and by-pass Besserabia!) forcing them to extend their defense lines.

    G3, Now the twist. Keep the peace with Russia and instead invade Turkey! Also invade Sweden. If you use your air force well you can capture with very minimal loss.

    Now you have the central position to everything. You threaten Russia from the south by land and sea. You threaten the entire Middle East (including Saudi Arabia) and the valuable NO’s as well. You now can threaten Egypt from land and sea, and your fleet can move into the Mediterranean Sea. You can also threaten India too!

    G4, now attack Russia by seizing the Caucasus’ and overrun the Middle East. Once you accomplish this you can bring in over 20 IPC’s of revenue from the Mid-East to fund your war effort and to counter the Allies gaining support from the other strict neutrals. Now it’s a race to win before the Allies can make an effective counter, but you have many options that they must try to counter and they can’t cover every threat.

    This will require well coordinated support from Italy and Japan, but can give the Allies fits.


  • thanks……i have tried the Romania complex already and have contiplated putting a fleet in the Black Sea…the attack on Turkey and Sweden is risky but the greater the risk the greater the reward.

  • 2020 '18 '17 '15

    Well, if you attack Turkey, you have to attack and take Sweden or else your NO no longer applies.  It must remain strict neutral, be pro-axis neutral, or be in Axis hands for the bonus.  So attacking Turkey switches Sweden to pro-allied, negating the NO.

  • You would then have to worry about the extra guys in Spain and Portugal and gives the allies a landing spot. I think a better strategy would be to attack Russia round 1, get them on the ropes buy a factory for Romania. Round 2 put a fleet in the Black Sea and turn 3 you can transport behind enemy lines and as long as the Russian player doesn’t have an immediate attack back you can then run through the NO in the middle east

  • I sometimes like taking all of France on T-1. I use the mech inf to hit S. France and i hit Normandy with maybe a mech and an arty plus a ftr. The problem with this is it makes the battle for Paris a little  tighter. Granted i have  never seen anyone fail in taking Paris on T-1 but im sure if you take heavy losses there it could be game over early.

  • '17 '16 '15

    Losing in france  adolph would have probably  been overthrown        however a little daring and the rewards could be big    kinda like the real war:)

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