Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition for sale

  • I have a used (once) copy of the game per this post :

    Hey guys, so I bought a copy of this when it first came out, set it up to play with friends and…well the game just didn’t click for our group and I ended up packing it away. So it has been opened/punched (still have all of the cardboard) but it really hasn’t seen any use.There is only one “damaged” spot on the corner of the box (an unfortunate shelving unit collapse hah!) but otherwise in pretty great shape. The instruction manual has a wrinkle or two but is in great shape.

    Here are pictures of the game:

    Unfortunately I am not allowed to post links, but if you copy and paste the link to the thread and the link to my imgur album they should be valid. Please either PM me or post here with offers.

  • Since I am new to this forum I can give any interested buyer a link to my facebook, twitter, other forum accounts, etc since I don’t have a reputation here, let me know!

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