Whats the best tacticks to USA???-

  • So whats the best tactick to usa and what do i buy with first 40 IPC.
    And where should i do my invasion to Marocco,Italy or france,netherlands,norway???

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    this somes it up…


  • 1. Concenrate on navy and air units buy some infantry each turn or aa guns to defend against bombing raids and a transport for later. You don’t need land yet you can get tons later from the 40 ipc’s each turn.

    2. Hold the convoys. Depending on who you’re playing, if you completely wipe out the German navy they won’t build up too much again and if they do use your air force against them. Hopefully, they’ll be worried about Russia to worry about a navy that can’t to an amphibious assault (yet)

    3. Get Britain to do a stradegic bombing raid on France. By now you should have built up enough infantry to hold France for alittle while. Do a bombing raid and amphibious assualt, this will weaken France alot. Then move your infantry on with transports you bought that turn (don’t get tanks as they’ll be destroyed by German fighters). Leave some fighters in France so you don’t get bombed or at least too much.

    4. Next turn, get Britain to do bombing raids on the hopefully defenseless territories between France and Germany. Move your troops up and put new troops in France put every airforce you’ve got into Britain.

    5. D-day

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