Looking for A&A players in and around Pittsburgh

  • I am from Etna and have almost every Axis&Allies game. A friend and I usually get together for a game once or twice every two weeks and its usually Global 1940. Im 39 yrs old and married with two children. I spent 13 yrs in the military and one tour in iraq. If anyones interested my email is jdankismarine@aol.com or look me up on facebook (jamie dankis) and msg me there

  • Greetings!

    I’m from the Morgantown WV area. I’ve posted in the “Find Players” section before.

    I’ve been coming down to the GASP gaming days in Pittsburgh since November. You may or may not be aware of it. A rather large group of people get together once a month to play board games, RPG’s, and miniatures. Once a year (November) they have an even larger convention called GASP-con. Not many there play A&A board games on a regular basis (that I’ve seen), but I always bring my collection of A&A hoping to play. I played a game of Spring 42 second edition at the con in November. We had a 5 player game of Spring 1942 1st edition Jan 5th.


    After the January GASP, I met up with AASeeker (see previous Pittsburgh posts this section) in WV for another game of Spring 1942. We are planning a future get together for the same purpose in Pittsburgh in March and April.


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