McNabb is Mediocre(Rush is Right)!!

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    I’ll let Mr Allen Barra(Professional Sportswriter) tell it in detail, but…

    Suffice it to say the Phileagles offense has finished 10th, 17th, 17th and are currently 31st in the league under the major direction ofDonovan McNabb. Let’s be generous and say they’ll improve to 21st this year. So, if we add 10+17+17+21=65 and divide by 4 for the # of years, we get 16+ for the teams NFL offensive ranking out of 32 teams. Sounds average to me.

    As I believe Mr. Barra pointed out, the Phileagles did not did not make it to the Super Bowl, but another team with a lower rated(by the news media) quarterback defeated the McNabb Menagerie and went on to win the SupperBowl.

    Another point of note is that none of the other commentators took him to task at the time. It was followed by a normal comeback.

    In full disclosure…
    Rush is only right 98.4% of the time.
    (Do your own research, lazy.)

    As for the drug thing…
    The Nat’l. Enq. held the story until they found an oppportunity to pile on.

  • Well, this was a silly comment. Certainly he was overrated, but to consider that a result of pro-afro-american sports heroism was the reason for his popularity is just silly. (Besides, Steve McNair and Dante Culpepper are better than McNabb on their bad days.

  • You and I both know Rush said what he did for ratings. Really, can’t he seperate politics and sports ever?

  • @Yanny:

    You and I both know Rush said what he did for ratings. Really, can’t he seperate politics and sports ever?


    Seriously, though, two things:

    First of all, he was getting paid to be controversial, therefore, he was just doing his job. I see nothing wrong with that.

    Secondly, he is a political commentator, that’s what he does. To not involve politics would be a total and complete removal from his regular job.

  • Good, then let the political expert stick to the political shows.

  • what rush did was not for ratings, ESPN hiring him was for ratings. he did what he did, because its what he does, and its why ESPN hired him, to get his fans

  • Keep an eye on their ratings…

    …Their ratings were up due to the “Rush Challenge.”
    …The remaining commentators attacked Rush this weekend when he was not there to defend his statements.
    …I bet ESPN’s ratings are down as a lot of folks who tuned in to see the new format will leave for ESPN’s ‘rush to judgement.’

    It makes me no nevermind as I don’t listen to pregame or postgame hoopla on a consistant basis… just when there’s women in swimsuits… :oops: Oh, wait! That’s my SI swimsuit tape.

    I rarely watch the games unless I think they are gonna be good. I do watch all the playoffs as most of the best play is there. The Superbowl has only had about 10 realy good ones out of…what is it now? 35 SB’s??

    I dis see most of the end of the TB/Indy game. It was great! Turned it on at 28-14 and watched it become 35-14. Surfed channels to catch some Leno and Letterman attempts at humor(Both purty lame now with Leno depending on viewers sending in headlines and Letterman interviewing the latest Survivor loser.) Surfed back and saw the TD to make it 35-21 and began to surf less! Then it got to 35-28 and they were saying “NO team in NFL history has come back from 21 points or more down to win with less than 4 minutes remaining in the game.”
    The penalty against TB on the Colts field goal attempt in overtime will make it a bone of contention for decades to come. However, the defense touted by some to be the greatest in NFL history gave up 3 TDs in 15 minutes(one quarter) when they had only given up 3 TDs in the last 15 quarters according to Dan Madden*.

    • Dan Madden is the main reason I generally avoid most NFL games on ABC.

  • Fox showed the Redskins Eagles game at 4pm. Chris Collinsworth
    (one of the Fox anouncers) said at the end of the game-
    paraphrasing- after such a tough week of attacks by Rush Limbaugh,
    Donovan McNabb Showed how good a quarterback he really is,
    They then flashed his stats on the screen:
    16completions for 30 attempts with 2 interceptions, 157 yards
    and 1 Touchdown. Yeah, he really showed Rush.

  • It it was not for the interceptions… then still he would make about 10 yards with two passes. Totally sufficient to keep the drive alive.

  • Istand with Rush McNabb isn’t a good QB- Philly’s defense is what got
    them to the Championship game!

  • Offense plays for the audience, defense wins the games….

  • Very well put, F_alk.

    Rush gave an opinion and Philly disagreed.
    Rush said ESPN backed him, but the other commies(-entators) wimped out.

    But I wouldn’t understand cuz it’s a sports expert thing,
    :oops: I mean an NFL thing,
    :oops: I mean a black thing,
    :oops: I mean a Philly thing!

  • I didn’t know Rush was a sports expert, I thought he was a political expert. :-?

  • You can be both….

  • 2019 Moderator

    Sports now a days are mostly politics anyway.

  • is he a political expert? or just a right-wing commentator who just thinks he is an expert? i dont listen to his show, but i love how much he pisses of the leftists.

  • @Janus1:

    is he a political expert? or just a right-wing commentator who just thinks he is an expert?

    He’s just a radio political commentator who got hired by ESPN to be controversial and boost ratings. Unfortunately, he was too controversial and got fired.

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