• Japan can’t go tit for tat against America or they let America outspend them. In the first turn the nearby british navy must be destroyed, or at least pocket your naval forces in large numbers. Take India with nearby aircraft you can muster. Playing with the houserule that russia can’t attack on first turn, mass troop south of russian border and prepare for assault by next term. Within one to three turns Japan can have complete superiority over Asia depending on what Russia does in the east and what America does in the Pacific. IT takes america at least two turns to attack Japan itself, or they can invest themselves fully against germany or with an island hopping campaign.

    If america tries ot out build your navy, simply buy planes and subs, America can;t go tit for tat, and if they didn’t move fast against Germany, then they wasted their time.

    An island hopping campaign hurts america’s ability to replenish their fleet, thus you can out number and destroy it.

    It all does with execution of your plan. Take Asia, and Japan will have more bread than a prison meatloaf. By then if you are playing world domination, it is probably in Japan’s best interest to elminate continental powers first russia, then germany.

    I’m getting ahead of my self.

    Tell me if i’m wrong, but Japan’s road to victory is domination in Asia, not destroying any American fleet. By the the time America can attack Japan, Japan can buy last minute forces to outdo an American invasion force. IT seems America must totally focus on taking Germany out and Africa, while staying with Alliance with Russia and the UK.

    Japan must be a continental power or they fail.

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