Japan - how to deal with aggressive Russia?

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    I often see myself in games, where Russian is really agressive towards Manchuria or Korea.
    As a Japanese player, this Frontier feels pretty much too much, especially when most if my concern is southwards.

    How would you react on a 12 or bigger stack of angry Russians in Amur in J1… and you can be sure that they wont be idly sitting there watching the border in the next turns…


  • If they are there on J1 it’s easy, you send all available men and most of your planes and simply crush them. Many of your units have nothing to do on the first turn otherwise so he is basically donating his units. If they move away on J1 and then back on J2 it is much more problematic. You cannot spare the units to kill them or defend against them so you probably have to give up Korea and/or Manchuria for a few turns.

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    Using the stack of Russians is part of my moves to counter a J1. I don’t even need to attach, moving these guys back to Amur usually slows Japan on the other fronts.

  • Plan a strategy to win on the Europe map, buying more inf and more art early before the tanks and mechs since you now have no threat of 18 inf 2 AAs reinforcing Moscow on r6 and r7.

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    I just sit in korea with 12 inf, aa gun and a fighter or two as japan… unless I am taking off and going for the quick win before the loss of korea and manchuria has an impact.

  • Don’t you think that’s a bit overkill Cow? 7 or 8 inf and the aa gun should be enough to defend against 12 and I certainly wouldn’t waste planes on it. A passive Japan is a dead Japan in my experience.

  • 7 or 8 inf and the aa gun should be enough to defend against 12

    There are 18 guys there.  I had four guys and an aa gun in manchuria, and four guys in korea.  He brought 9 inf to each spot and won both of them.  Unless you have backup able to come from Japan or down south via transport I think that is a good amount of guys.

    Granted, the total on his 1’s turned out to be 40% or something stupid like that but that is the magic of the dice:)

  • No sense in keeping anything in Manchuria. I’d rather have a good counter force in korea than risk losing both like that.

  • My positioning of guys left me no choice.  I agree though, there is no point in having guys in both.

  • If I’m going - I’m going.  Russia and Mongolia are not very big deals as Japan.  If Russia goes aggressive, just counter-attack and start taking their money.  You should have enough transports to deal with their infantry push - especially if they go R1 or R2.

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