When china gets all its territories, should it be allowed to leave?

  • TripleA

    When china gets all its territories, should it be allowed to leave? Can only still place new units on Chinese original territories.

    That could be a good UK national objective to have. +5 UK pacific if China has all of China back.

  • China NO

    Birth of a nation:

    If china controlls all its original territories, including those that was initialy under Japan controll, they may declear the forming of a new communist state and place a major factory in kiangsu free of charge during collect income phase. They are then no longer restricted to stay in originally chinesse territories and buying only infantry and artillery. They cannot however place units in territories without IC. The new state considder Soviet as their close ally and will take part in the war on allied side.

    If chinas new capitol falls, China loose all their current IPC and rules are reverted to standard china rules. Any chinesse units outside china, burma and kwangtung is then lost.

  • TripleA

    I think it should just be a +5 bonus… Everything else seems too wordy and the rules have enough text as it is.

  • +5 is fine by me. I still miss the +5 for no german sub in atlantic british NO. Forced germany to at least considder buying more subs.

  • TripleA

    NOs are lacking in global.

  • I think the game would be greatly improved by some twight imperium style secret objectives.


  • Customizer

    Here is the House Rule we came up with regarding China:
    Once China gains control of ALL Chinese territories, including the coastal territories that start the game under Japanese control, then Chinese forces are allowed to move outside of China’s borders and enter other nation’s territories. This includes attacking any Axis forces currently occupying said territories and liberating them for the Allied countries.

    If an Axis power takes control of ANY Chinese territory, Chinese units are no longer permitted to leave China and any Chinese units that are currently in territories outside of China are no longer allowed to enter further non-Chinese territories. They must remain in the territory they are in OR return to China.

    Once the territory(s) under Axis control have been recaptured, the movement restriction for Chinese units are again lifted.

    New Chinese units MUST ALWAYS be placed within China.

  • 2020 '19 '18 '17 '16

    If the Burma Road is open and Manchuria, Kiangsu & Kwangtung are under Allied control, Chinese units may enter non-Russian Pacific territories (can help clean Japan out of SE Asia and Korea). They are permitted to deploy one transport on the board at a time limited at SZ 20 and it can only move to SZ 36 (let 'em liberate Formosa & Hainan on their own).

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