POLL: What do you love customizing

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    Although I appreciate the work that goes into painting units, I like building tables and looking at tables built by others. What’s your thing?

  • Tables is my thing… at the moment.

    I have a fresh set of customisations for the table after our last game, and I can see that I will be forever tweaking and improving the set-up.

    I would really like to do some painting, but until people know the pieces well enough I think it would just add a bit of confusion to my group.  I am sure I will be giving it a go in the future.

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    I’ve made a custom chart or two (including a National Objectives chart for AA50) and I just finished up some “Montreal Axis & Allies Club” shirts for my group. Neither is as big a project as painting an army or building a table, but still practical or pretty exciting to me.

    I’ll post pics of both once I have the right to. Dang newbie status.


  • '12

    I see you don’t have muscle cars as an option, suppose that makes sense for an AandA site!  I’d love to get into making tables, 'specially since my hands shake too much to paint!

  • After building my AA50 table and a portable wargaming table, I think I’m tabled out (and let’s face it, I just don’t have any more room for tables in my already cramped household) but I did love making them.

    After painting my entire AA50th set + a Spring 1942 set of pieces, I’d be more than willing to do more if the need arose.

    Right now I’m more into Wargaming terrain and miniatures though.  There’s enough there to keep me pretty busy!

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