To defend French West Africa & Algeria?

  • From a German point of view, is it worth leaving a garrison in Algeria and FWA to resist an easy allied landing?

    Don Rae says son’t give any land for free but also to save unnessary losses. Thing is with Africa is that even with 2 transports, men are short on the ground and because of the luftwaffe the allies attack en masse.

    I am thinking to hardly ever resist the initial landing due to the overwelming strength and slow the allies inland… Is this wise?

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    smart thinking FTS, I never thought of it that way… it would work betterbecause the allies roll there tanks at two with no fighter support… I’ll try it out sometime…

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    I guess it depends on you situation in africa at the time. I generaly like to leave something in Algeria.

    One of my favorite moves with America is to Land a large force in Africa under the guise of kicking the germans out. But, if you check your map you will see that Algeria can be a staging point to anywhere in Europe except the Ukraine.

    So when America gets to the point of being able to land a sizable force in Africa, say 3 or more transports, I generaly try to keep a couple Infantry in Algeria just to see how baddly the allies want it.

    I useualy leave FWA open since I would prefer they land there.

  • Germany should leave a couple of troops in Algeria to prevent the British from easily sending in paratroopers.

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    Assuming that the Allied fleet is out of action due to sinking then Turn three will be the projected landing from EUS… By that time (assuming that you hit Anglo Egyptian-Sudan with 3 Inf. and an Arm. losing one) the Arm should blitz Ken-Rhod and Belgian… plus pull the Infantry in in FWA to FEA… add a Infantry to FEA and keeeping the other in Ken. to hold then you have a striking force of 2 Infantry and a Armor plus a Fighter from Western Europe that should destroy the initials and keep the rest at bay…


  • I prefer to move the one algerian inf. to French equitorial africa, then your income goes up a little and you can take french west africa or algeria back on your second turn, and you don’t have to worry about amphibious assaults!

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    I agree with MR.

  • Never give any land for free all land is worht something it gives you an advantage I agree with MR though if you kan avoid it do but if you are already there fight to the DEATH!

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