• I was wondering if there were any iPad developers out there would want to give a crack at this.  I know I’d be willing to pay to get this on my iPad.  Maybe make different trackers for all the A&A games?

    Any thoughts?

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    What makes it a better mouse trap than the traker on the game board? Is it nessasary, or just a novelty?

  • I know that several games we’ve played, the tracker always gets knocked and you have to reset it.

    Is it a novelty?  Yes.  Does the novelty have merit?  Yes in deed.  90% of all the apps are things you don’t need but like to have.

  • I thought of developing one, but it isn’t really complicated enough to warrant an entire application.  You could program it into a website or spreadsheet and run it from any device.

    That being said I am still not against the idea of developing it, but I would make an App that would help with purchasing and National Objectives too.

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    ––I’m marking this thread for future reference.

    “Tall Paul”

  • I have started this project with one of my developer buddies.  We both work a fair bit but hopefully things are as straight forward as they appear and it shouldn’t take too long.  If we end up charging anything it will be so I can get one of those shiny supporter badges under my name 🙂

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    ––This seems like a worthy project that many A&A gamers should value. IMHO it should be capable of being used for any/all of the A&A games/versions with their many options, including the NO, etc.
    ----I look forward to following the progress being made on this worthy project.

    “Tall Paul”

  • I was thinking the same thing about using it for all the games.  Web app would be cool to.  It maybe better.  Then any device can use it.  I was thinking along the lines of the interface being the same as the board.  make you finger move the button to whatever IPC value.



  • Any News?

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