HBG question - Coach or Variable?

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    Hi guys - great stuff you’re doing, I’ll post some of my painted HBG’s soon.

    Was working on making some marshaling boards - and as you guys suggested (I think it was Coach), was going to use your coasters (two glued together for added durability though one seems to function fine as well).  Can only do the U.S. right now (this is for ‘the six’ in AA50th).  My question is… when/is the rest of the powers going to be done?  Will they be produced along with the minis as you go along? If so, I’ll have to abandon the idea and construct my own (because realistically, that would be a long time).  At the end of the day… I’d like to get a hold of 12 of the Axis and Allied powers… is that going to be possible and when?

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    *cricket sounds…

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    What powers are you talking about?
    Germany is on the site and UK is being shipped to me, trying to do one every 4 weeks.

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    What powers?  The Axis and Allied nations in AA50th edition… as opposed to other editions.

    Yeah - have the US and got a German cross recently.  Just wondering if there will be the order-the-whole set option anytime soon or whether you were doing them periodically/correlating with new releases.  They do work well for marshaling boards/look snazzy - going to do some DIY since not all of them are out yet.  No biggy, judging by how often I order… I’ll have a complete set and then some eventually. 🙂

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