Global 1942 alpha3.435 no tech

  • Egypt
    ADiceRolls: 1@1 2@2 1@3; Total Hits: 01@1: (2)2@2: (4, 4)1@3: (4)
    DDiceRolls: 1@2; Total Hits: 01@2: (3)

  • Egypt
    ADiceRolls: 1@1 2@2 1@3; Total Hits: 21@1: (5)2@2: (1, 3)1@3: (1)
    DDiceRolls: 1@2; Total Hits: 01@2: (6)

  • Italy takes Morocco

    Here is the board
    N Italy- 4inf 3art 2aa
    S Italy- 2aa
    Sz97- 2trans 2cruz dest btlshp
    Sz98- sub
    Egypt- 2inf art
    Morocco- arm
    Tanganyika- inf
    Iraq- 4inf
    Romania- 4inf art mech arm
    Greece- 4inf 2art
    Trans-Jordan- mech 2arm ftr bmr

    Paid 42ipc

  • Here is the rest of the board


    E. US-2inf art arm
    Sz91- dest ac w/2 ftr
    Gibraltar- inf aa 2ftr 1 French ftr
    Eire- mech
    Uk- 4aa 2inf bmr 2french inf
    Scotland- aa
    Anglo Egypt- 4inf 2art mech arm
    S Africa- 2inf
    Sz71- trans
    Sz70- French dest
    Sz77- dest crz btlshp ac w/ftr tac
    India- 11inf art ftr 3aa
    Shan state- inf art
    Sumatra- 2inf

    E US- inf mech 2ftr aa
    C US- art mech
    S Mexico- inf mech
    C Mexico- art mech
    Sz89- 3trans dest
    Sz101- 2trans
    Sz91- crz 2trans
    Gibraltar- 2inf 2arm
    Sz25- crz
    Wake- ftr
    Sz29- ac w/ 2ftr 2trans btlshp /Anzac crz
    Sz45- Anzac dest
    Line isle- 3inf arm ftr tac bmr naval base
    Sz10- sub trans dest
    W US- inf art 2aa

    Sikang- 6inf ftr

    Java- 2inf
    S wales- 6inf 2art 3ftr 2aa
    New Zealand- inf

    Siam- 2ftr
    French indo- 2inf
    Malaya- art
    Sz37- ac w/ 2ftr btlshp crz dest sub trans
    Borneo- inf
    Sz43- ac w/ ftr tac
    Sz36- trans
    Yunan- mech 3art
    Kwangsi- 2ftr 2tac 2bmr
    Kwangtung- inf art
    Kweichow- inf
    Hopei- inf
    Chahar- 5inf
    Anhwe- tac
    Kiangsu- mech arm minor ic
    Korea- aa 4inf
    Japan- 2inf 2art 3aa
    Sz6- 2trans ac w/ ftr
    Iwo Jima- inf
    Marshal isle- 2ftr
    Caroline isle- aa 3inf arm ftr tac
    Sz33- ac w/ ftr tac
    Philippines- inf art
    Sz35- btlshp crz 2trans

  • Russia buys: 5art 3arm= 38ipcs

    Sz125- sub
    Sz114- crz
    Sz115- sub
    Novgorod- 16inf 2aa 5art 2arm 2ftr tac
    Ukraine- 11inf 5art 4arm 2mech 2aa
    Bryansk- 2inf
    Russia- 2arm
    Yenisey- 6inf
    Yakut- 12inf 2aa

    Nigeria- inf
    Syria- inf
    Gibraltar- ftr
    Sz70- dest

  • Germany3

    Buy: 2ftr 5inf 4art= 51ipc

    All Ncm

    Sz98- trans
    Trans-Jordan- inf arm
    Romania-12inf 2art
    Poland- 10inf 8art 2mech 11arm
    Germany- 4inf 2art
    W germ- 3mech art 3aa 2ftr 2bmr (dmg to ic8)
    France- 2inf 2art 3aa
    Sz113- btlshp trans crz
    Norway- 2inf 2arm
    Finland- 8inf art

    Paid 51

    So there is the board as it sits !!!
    It is now Japan’s turn!!!

    Go! Go! Go! Go!

  • Forgot to post 3tacs in a Italy (German)

  • Japan buys 1 minor 1 inf 2 mech 2 strat bomber


    Shan state 2pln 5tac vs 1inf 1art
    ADiceRolls: 5@3 2@4; Total Hits: 45@3: (4, 3, 5, 1, 1)2@4: (5, 1)

    DDiceRolls: 2@2; Total Hits: 02@2: (4, 3)

    Sumatra 1inf 1art 2pln 1bs bomb vs 2inf
    ADiceRolls: 2@2 2@3 1@4; Total Hits: 22@2: (6, 1)2@3: (1, 4)1@4: (5)

    DDiceRolls: 2@2; Total Hits: 02@2: (6, 3)

    Java 1inf 1art 1pln 1tac 1crz bomb vs 2inf
    ADiceRolls: 2@2 2@3 1@4; Total Hits: 12@2: (1, 6)2@3: (4, 4)1@4: (6)

    DDiceRolls: 2@2; Total Hits: 02@2: (3, 3)

    Sz 45 2pln 1tac vs 1dst
    ADiceRolls: 2@3 1@4; Total Hits: 22@3: (3, 2)1@4: (6)

    DDiceRolls: 1@2; Total Hits: 11@2: (2)

    Sz 25 1pln 1tac vs 1crz
    ADiceRolls: 1@3 1@4; Total Hits: 11@3: (5)1@4: (1)

    DDiceRolls: 1@3; Total Hits: 11@3: (3)

  • Java anzac loses inf

    ADiceRolls: 2@2 1@3 1@4; Total Hits: 22@2: (4, 3)1@3: (1)1@4: (1)

    DDiceRolls: 1@2; Total Hits: 01@2: (6)

  • How the board sits:

    Suiyan 5inf
    Shensi 2inf
    Szechwan 1inf
    Kweichow 1mech 1tank
    Kiangsu 1inf 2mech
    Korea 4inf 1anti
    Iwo jima 1inf
    Japan 2bomb 3anti
    Carolines 5inf 2art 1tank 1anti 1pln 1tac

  • Sorry forgot the strat bomb the complex in india.

    ADiceRolls: 2@6; Total Hits: 22@6: (4, 3)

    DDiceRolls: 2@1; Total Hits: 02@1: (3, 3)

  • Complex takes 7+4= 11 damage.

  • Ok now the rest of the board

    Burma 2inf 1mech 3art
    Sumatra 1inf 1art
    Java 1inf 1art
    Celebes 1art
    W. Aust 1inf
    Malaya 1minor comp

    Sz38 1ac 2pln 1dst 1tran
    Sz411ac 2pln 1bs 1tran
    Sz42 1crz 1tran
    Sz44 1tran
    Sz56 1tran
    Sz16 1ac 1pln
    Sz33 1bs 1crz 1ac 2pln 2tran
    Siam 6tac 1pln 2bomb

  • Sorry forgot the sub in sz 39
    And japan gets paid 67ipc

  • Corrections:
    1 french inf french africa
    1 french dst sz 83
    6art ukraine
    East us 2 anti
    2 tac siam

  • Anzac builds 2inf 1pln
    So new wales has 4inf 1art 4pln 2anti

  • China buy 2inf

    Atk szechwan 2inf 1pln vs 1inf

    ADiceRolls: 2@1 1@3; Total Hits: 02@1: (4, 6)1@3: (5)

    DDiceRolls: 1@2; Total Hits: 11@2: (2)

  • ADiceRolls: 1@1 1@3; Total Hits: 21@1: (1)1@3: (1)

    DDiceRolls: 1@2; Total Hits: 11@2: (2)

  • Us turn 3

    Brazil 3inf 2mech 1art
    Gibraltar 4inf 1tank 2pln
    Morocco atk 2inf 1mech 1tank 1crz bomb vs 1tank
    ADiceRolls: 3@1 2@3; Total Hits: 23@1: (3, 4, 1)2@3: (3, 6)

    DDiceRolls: 1@3; Total Hits: 11@3: (2)

    Sz 86 3trans

    Sz91 4trans 1crz 1dst

    Sz101 1trans

    East us 2anti

    West us 2anti 2inf 1art 1mech

    Sz10 2dst 2trans 1sub

    Sz29 1ac w 2pln 1dst 1sub 1trans

    Line islands 1inf 1art 2pln 1tac 1strat 1airbase 1navalbase

    Sz62 1bs 2trans

    Wales 3inf 1tank

  • Us build 3trans 3dst 2inf 1art 1airbase 70ipc
    So correction to sz 10 3dst 2trans
    Correction to anzac buy 1ac instead of previous buy
    Us lost inf in morocco

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