• I am liking the spy rules. Winter rules are good.

    What should the USSR deployment look like?
    I thinkl on the first round USSR units should be defensing only on
    a 1 like in Axis and Allies Pacific.

    US: deployment is the same as in AAE- But US foces cannot intervene
    until Winter 1941. UNLESS, UK ins invaded in which case they are activated immediately. They can begin limited operations
    in Spring 1940- move destroyer to US convoy zones(s)

    1 time British patriotic movement: Ay any time after Spring 1940,
    The US can deliver it’s Destroyer and Trans to the UK, who replace them with peices of their own at the end of the Next uk turn.
    This would simulate the “Bases for Destroyers deal” between
    Roosevelt and Churchill…

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    yep that sounds good… 😎

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    so Sherman28 how is the setup going…

  • I’ve had to set it aside for a couple of weeks here, BUT I promise some more in the next couple of days. I’m thinking of using a variation of
    The Vichy Rule from xeno’s W@W…

    Also will post the force set ups for Swededn, Ireland, Turkey and Spain.
    It should work well with the infuence rules you came up with earlier.

    Just imagine- you are the axis player, the mighty Afrika Corps has
    thrust thru the British Defenses in the Meditereanean. Iran has fallen, you stand poised to attack the Caucausus when suddenly, Turkish armored forces under the command of the Soviet Union Crash into your flank!

  • Wow this site changed a lot-It’s been years since I was here and am really happy that my boy GG is a moderator now.  Let’s get this thread going again!

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    lol, it has! Welcome back friend… Yeah they gave me the slot a while back in 2006. Too much has happened to mention but…

    I ask again (6 years later). Have you finished the set up?  😛


  • Sweet Jesus! has it really been 6 years (oh yeah gray hair now-)  The personal issues I described pulled me away from it, but I don’t see why we can’t pick up where we left off.

    When I play tested this with some AAE rookies, well they didn’t work as a team (I was the axis). A combination of bad dice rolling by me especially in the east, and their lack of team work ensured the war went into 1947!  In that particular game, Italy was the real “winner” as the Allies were not really able to dislodge them from North Africa, until fall, 1944.  In any event, that particular game was AAE as it is supposed to be set up but with the following changes:  Italy was her own power of course allied to Germany.  The German Territory stayed at six Ipcs, Vichy France is activated as it’s own power collecting 3 Ipcs, which they hand over to the Germans anyway  , N. Italy was worth 4 ipcs instead of 2.  Added to the Italian fleet was 1 sub, and 1 additional trans. North Africa looked like this: Spannish Morrocco- undefended and no one collecting the Ipc, Algeria I french inf, Tunisia 1 French Inf (oh and Vichy had 3inf).  Italy had control markers on Corsica and Sardinia. The Western Med SZ had the Vichy Fleet: 1 Battleship, 1 Destroyer, 1 sub.  The rule was- if an allied power attacked the Vichy Fleet each piece rolled a die prior to combat the results were 1-2,  join the allies (and be available for the attack) 3-4 join the axis (and be available to defend), 5-6 “scuttle” and the piece is removed from play.  Some other changes were, Germans could build inf up to the Ipc value in Finland, Hungary, and Rumania.  The USSR could build inf up to the Ipc value in any territory it controlled at the start of the war. So, I put the '39 version on the back burner, just to play test some things. I think it would have been different against experienced players.  Almost forgot - The Axis could “lend” units to each other (like Allied Patriotic War Rule-Soviets can claim a piece and replace it with one of their own). And Axis could “split” the oil money.  It was fun but like shooting fish in a barrel if you know what I mean.  Anyway, I promise to work on the set up and post the results here for all to share, comment, bitch and moan about etc.  Take care, God Bless.

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