Axis and Allies Europe-1939?

  • I should probably put this in Variants, but ok.

    Suppose I want to Set up AAE but in 1939?

    What does every country’s force pool look like?
    Should there be special rules?
    How are Neutral Countries handled?
    Add Italy?/Axis Minors, Finland, Hungary, Romania…

    What do you think?

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  • Very cool GG thanks! I like some of it but I wanted to make Italy it’s own
    power (somewhere around here Panzergrenadeir came up with an excellent deployment for Italy). Also, I want France to be it’s own power too not tied to Britain.

    I have a seperate army for France (took some paint and Patience!)
    One for Italy as well.

    What about the Maginot Line!

    Gimme some thoughts!

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    maginot line… oooh… 😛 :lol: … like… half the inf. rounded down, in eastern and vichy france defend at 3 on a first round of battle then it becomes useless…

  • Good idea! I was thinking all unit defend at -1 (minus one) First time they are attacked by Germany, the first round! What do you think?
    Would simulate the shock and awe of being “Blitzkreiged”!

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    uhhh…how about yu roll a d6 for every unit… 1-2 Defend +1… all else -1 😎


  • I’m liking it!

    Other fortresses Stalingrad, Malta.

    Should we add an IC to France?

  • An IC to france would really just help the Germans more….

  • @Guerrilla:

    uhhh…how about yu roll a d6 for every unit… 1-2 Defend +1… all else -1 😎


    well, if the defenders roll a 1, it kills one of their own!!

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    Great Britain (after all they built massive coastal Defenses)

    Germany can buy the atlantic wall…

    how about that…

  • Atlantic Wall:

    cost: 5 IPC per territory (only coastal)

    adds: +1 to ground based inf

    special: anti-ship artillery, like AA guns, but for ships

    amphib attacks -1 attack (except inf)

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    AaA normal tech gains pay 5 roll a die…

    if a hit roll 2d6

    2.Jet Power
    3.Heavy Artillery: Artillery support 2 Infantry in Attack
    4.Industrial Technology
    5.Heavy Armor: Armor now attack at 4
    7.Heavy Transports: Transports now can Transport 4 Infantry, 2 Armor or 2 Infantry and an Armor
    8.Super Subs
    9.Long-Range aircraft
    10.Heavy Bombers
    11.Folding Wings: Carriers can now carry 3 Fighters or one Bomber
    12.Mechanized Infantry: Infantry now move 2 spaces a turn but cannot blitz unless escorted by a Armor

    what do you think…

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    Nuetrals? Switzerland and Sweden get thirty Infantry and spain gives money to Germany!

  • Awesome all of it!

    Wel maybe not th4e 30 Inf idea. but I like the Atlllantic wall>>

    Gettimg good! More!

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    alright… Sweden, Turkey, Ireland and Switzerland cannot be touched any way shape or form… Germany gets a convoy worth 6 between central and south atlantic (Argentinian metal etc.)…

    Minor Allies:

    All of these can be Propagandized… you can pay 2-12 IPC’s… then roll two d6… if the number is the number paid or lower you get 'em… if failed try again, or invade 😉 … The US will enter the war after you have violated so many “Points”(note:propaganda sucess will not count as points)… Hungary, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Bulgaria, Romania, Malta, Cyprus, Corsica(Sardinia is Italian), Crete, Yugoslavia, Greece, Morroco, Algeria and Tunisia is worth 1 point… Netherlands, Iceland, Poland, and Egypt are worth 2 Points… and Any French Territory is worth 3 points… also if any US shipping or convoys are hit then it counts as 4 points 😞 … After 12 points the are in the war… at 6 points the US can send Aircraft to britain and make them “British” (same as Italian Patriotic Rules)… note: US money is at 15 IPC’s when this happens… When 12 points are reached the US will get 20 IPC’s and on each Subsequent turn 10 more until it is at max… As soon as Poland is Invaded(which must be preformed immediately because the Russians said so) Britain and France(played obviously by the British player) is at war with Germany… A clause exsists between the Russians and the Germans depending on the treaty… The Russians get’s Baltic states, East Poland and bessarabia… Germany get’s Poland, and Norway… if either’s new toys or there countries proper are invaded War exsists!

    for now that is what I can think of but will come with more…


  • GG and GI - Excellent work.
    What fo you think about French Deployments?

    1 inf in vichy. Eastern France is a forteress hex has 4 inf, 1 art, 1 tank i fighter. and 1 aa gun. Eastern france: I IC, 1 AA gun, 6 inf, 3 art, 21 tanks, 1 fighter, 1 bomber. Vichy sea zone 1 Bb, 1 tran 1 dest.
    off western France 1 sub 1 tran. Belgium/Netherlands 1 inf 1 art.
    North Africa: Morroco, tunisia, algeria 1 inf each.

    What do you think?

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    GG and GI - Excellent work.
    What fo you think about French Deployments?

    1 inf in vichy. Eastern France is a forteress hex has 4 inf, 1 art, 1 tank i fighter. and 1 aa gun. Eastern france: I IC, 1 AA gun, 6 inf, 3 art, 21 tanks, 1 fighter, 1 bomber. Vichy sea zone 1 Bb, 1 tran 1 dest.
    off western France 1 sub 1 tran. Belgium/Netherlands 1 inf 1 art.
    North Africa: Morroco, tunisia, algeria 1 inf each.

    What do you think?

    Thanx for the Complement I thought I lossed my steam with ideas but I don’t think I’m done 😉

    21 Tanks! where did you read that… ?I’m not challenging you necessarily, but I have never read where they had that much!

  • I’ve played the 1939 version on thrashers page and it is horrible. :x I didn’t like the fact that the setup was tipped in the Allies favor.They could have done a better job on it.This scenario reflects poorly on thrashers’ A&A page.

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    ok then i’ll look to see if there is any other’s……
    thanks for the input!

  • 21 Tanks! where did you read that… ?I’m not challenging you necessarily, but I have never read where they had that much!

    The French had an army that was comparable in size to Germany’s, and if the Maginot line had been fully built, would have probably been able to stop Germany. 21 tanks is a lot, but it should be close to Germany’s army in size, perhaps with a lowered atk./def. ratio.

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    hey Sherman, you could use MB’s 36 tech’s
    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎


  • Sorry folks folks for letting this run without a response.
    About the 21 tanks- That should be 1 tank not 21.! I really like the propaganda ideas too.

    GG- You have some awesome ideas keep at it.
    BTW- I have been using a variation of Biggs’ “Tech 36” since he posted
    it (i whittled mine down to 18- and usually only use it in AA World.)
    But I definitely want techs for Europe 39.

    Italian deployment (special Thanks to Panzergrenadier!)
    North Italy is 6 ips not 4 Sicily 1 Ipc not 0.
    N italy 3Inf, 1art, 1arm, 1 fit, 1bmbr
    S.Italy 2 Inf
    Sicily 1 inf, 1 fit
    Libya 1inf, 1art, 1 arm
    Adriatic seazone 1 trans
    Tyrenian Sea zone 1battleship 1 destroyer, 1 sub
    Collect 10Ipcs to start.
    Italian ground units on Eastern Front suffer -1 defensive penalty
    when attacked by Russian armor.
    Same goes for axis minors…

    Also I think it would be good to Add a time track, I.E. set up a graph
    4 seasons and years '39-45 and beyond…

    What do you think!

  • Moderator

    Great Italian setup…
    I would agree about the graph, how about with some weather bonuses?..
    thinks of complicated Spy rules 😎
    thinking will post later


  • All units -1 in attack During winter.

    Spying-ahh! what you got GG-money!

  • Moderator

    Well spies played a important role in ops during WW2 plus they got captured alot and blackmailed (think of Knights of the Double Cross)… 1 Spy starts in the enemies capital… unfortnately the only way to work it is to have a moderator… well let me think here a sec…

    Spies(Version 1.0)

    Cost: 4 IPC’s to Recruit and 2 IPC’s per mission
    Movement: 3 spaces
    A/D: None

    1 German Spy starts in Moscow and Great Britain
    1 British and Russian Spy starts in Germany.

    Spies are used to gather enemy intelligence from a tageted country.
    At each Opposing Player’s end of either Combat Move or Non-Combat Move,(but only one or the other) you can choose to do up to 2 missions per spy in an enemy capital… after declaring how many spy missions you will preform the enemy starts with counter-intelligence. You roll three d6 and whoever has a higher number wins; Exception: You can gain a advantage for the rolls by paying IPC’s to the bank. for every 1 IPC you pay (or your opponent plays) you get 2+ on the dice roll (all money given for gaining advantages by either side is given secretly to another player who declares what was given after both parties are given the chance). if the Counter intelligence wins then a d6 is rolled. if a 1-4 is rolled then the spy was killed and that was that! if a 5 or 6 is rolle then the spy is captured and you can either use him for false intelligence or Blackmail (totally up to you 😉 )… a another d6 is rolled… if only one mission was preformed, then 3 or lower meansthat the enemy country does not know it failed and he can be used for False Intelligence… if a 4-6 the enemy country knows and he is only good for black mail or the firing squad 😉 … if the spy wins then a d6 is rolled… if a 1-2 then a attack or move just preformed is Randomly chosen… if a 3-4, Spy chooses it… if a 5-6 the target country chooses it… if an attack is chosen then all dfending pieces +1 on defense… if a move that move can either be stopped (through means mentioned a bit later in the post 😉 ) or it can be attacked ( only if it is a air or sea move)… to stop the move 3 d6 is rolled… depnding on how important the piece is (1= Infantry, Artillery, and Anti Aircraft Guns. 2=Tanks, Destroyers, and Subs. 3= Fighters and Transports. 5=Bombers, Aircraft Carriers, and Battleships.). then the die is modified minus how much the unit modifier (the above in parenthesis). your goal is 9 or higher. Spies can be moved out of a country only by walking or you can try to whisk him out… if you pay 4 IPC’s then you can put him back on his capitol (as long as the move is not hindered by water). If it is hindered by water then the cost is increased by 2 (6 IPC’s)…
    now if the spy is captured and you op for false intelligence then it goes as follows… for every false piece you feed, it cost no IPC’s (limit 1 per spy)… now 2d6 are rolled(again)… if a 1-8 is rolled then the spy can give them a false piece of Information… if a 9-12 the Govermnent knows he is captured and he is only good for 😞 … oh never mind 😎 … but you think I won’t roll a 9-12 he’ll give 'em plenty of stuff that will through him haywire… the problem is that for each piece of false info you feed the country loses trust in him… the roll now becomes 1-7 and 8-12 or -1 modifier… so then you have to feed them correct info but that means that the opponent can do the normal spy advantage, like get a +1 on defense in a territory that you are attacking! so it can be good and bad… if you get all the way own to 1 and 2-12 the the next false piece and the Goverment won’t trust them… but here are the Advantages to false Intel… for every SBR they do you can take away 2 IPC from each of the bombers that attacked (if 2 Bombers SBR and do 8 IPC’s damage it is only 4 they Take away to the Bank) note: this only works for Captured Spies… for every false attack you feed that player must move 2 units from adjeacent Territories (one chosen by you one by the opponent) to the false attacked Territory… for any attack that he might do you can prevent it by “beefing” it up… for avery unit you have in the targeted territory, take half it’s amount of units (rounded up) and put the units of your choice (limit: 1/4 of them can be aircraft) down on a piece of paper symbolizing the fake force… everyone votes (honestly) on wether they would attack the space if the fake units were real… if no is chosen then the attacker has to pull his army back to it’s original location… if yes is chosen the fake army is destroyed first with every unit the enemy has one for one wihtout attack at the real army… then you get to defend normally! That is what I have for Counter Intelligence…
    As many spies as you want can be recruited… Spies cannot be traded among allies and spies are never destroyed because of Invasion.

    that is spies for ya…

    what do you mean money? :lol: …

    now weather… Winter will do -1 for attack for every unit in a Russian or Scandinavian Territory evcept for Russian units…

    that is what I have for now… hope it helps 😎


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