• Hello,

    im an axis and allied board game player and i played the game with some ppl. We had a discussion on : What happens to your units when the ‘enemy’ has conquered all your territory and leaves you with just your units.

    They said, you lose all your units and basically you lost the game.

    If your allied friends conquer back those territories it will be annexed by your ally and he/she gets the ipc related to that territory.

    However my point of view is,
    even if you lose your all your territory, you still keep your units and if your ally conquers your lost territory back, it is freed, and you get it back.

    They said i was wrong, well my question is, am i?

    (we played the original axis and allies games by the way)


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    NO YOUR NOT WRONG!!! If you have units left on the field and no territory you can still use 'em…. somebody back me up?..

  • Wrong forum, but anyway:

    If the enemy has conquered all you territory, where are your units?

    Second, you are right. If your ally recaptures land that originally belonged to you, it reverts to your ownership. If they capture land that you captured and then lost, it goes to them.

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    GI I had a AI game where Germany flew his bomber on the last round of Nazi exsistence to Manchuria… He SBR’d me for the rest of the game under Japanese cover!!!

  • 🙂 I didn’t say it was impossible to have units and no territory, just unlikely. And yes, I will back you up. 😄

  • thanx for helping me out


  • SUD to the res-Q!

    A true A&Aer who should teach at the VMI of A&A.

  • A true A&Aer who should teach at the VMI of A&A.

    Where’s that at? :-?

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    It’s located somewhere in his warped brain. 😉

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